Magnetic Confinement in LENR? (Axil Axil)

The following post has been submitted by Axil Axil

We can’t build a bridge without a plan. We can’t get LENR to work without a valid theory. I am beginning to think that LENR is caused by magnetic particles, let’s call them Exotic Neutral Particles (ENP) that can float on currents of air. This theory has implications to getting LENR to work. If a reactor is build out of material that is transparent to ENPs then these important particles could escape the reactor without producing more ENPs thus keeping the LENR reaction energy starved. But if the reactor could be insulated from EMP escape, then the reactor would hold onto the energy that it produces and become gainful.

Replicators are perplexed by the success of Parkhomov’s reactor. Why can’t anybody get the Parkhomov reactor to work even with the same fuel that he used? But everybody is amused by the old iron pot that Parkhomove ran his experiment in. That iron pot could be keeping the magnetic ENP from escaping the confines of his reactor. All the other replicators let their precious ENPs escape into the air.

Why does Rossi enclose his fuel in a cartridge containing layers of steel? Could the iron particle in the Lugano fuel sample come from a magnetic confinement system? Does Rossi have an iron mesh inside the alumina tube to produce magnetic confinement? If theory says that keeping ENPs confined is important, then the use of iron and steel in Rossi type reactors becomes interesting.

Axil Axil