Irish Times: Cold Fusion One Technology That Could Save Planet

It’s not a huge endorsement, but in an article written by Paddy Woodworth in the Irish Times, cold fusion is listed as one of five technologies that could be used to save the planet from global warming. The article is here:

The five technologies listed as technological solutions to climate change are: wind power, solar, biomass, tidal, and . . . “cold nuclear fusion.”

Regarding cold nuclear fusion, Woodworth writes:

“The holy grail of technophiles. Cold fusion could produce vast amounts of energy at much lower risk than nuclear fission and produces very little waste. The trouble is that no one knows how to do it.”

It’s a change to see this kind of endorsement, however minor — when for so long cold fusion has been the butt of jokes and held up as an example of “junk science.”

Still, I think he is a bit behind the times when he writes that no one knows how to do it.