Rossi on Scaling Down the E-Cat X to a Few Watts

Thanks to Stephen for posing some interesting questions to Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about scaling down the E-Cat X. Here are his questions, along with Rossi’s responses.


I have a couple a small questions I have been curious about if I may.

1.Would the new materials developed for e-cat X also improve the reliability of the 1MW e-cat plant or are the issues there different?

A:  the improvements are applicable also to the 1 MW E-Cat

2. Is there a theoretical smallest size that e-cat X can be made. Could it work for example with 10 kW units or even smaller?

A: it could be scaled down to few Watts

If 2 is possible:

3. Would it still have the same operation life?

A: I suppose yes, but it has to be experianced

4. Would it scale down in size in proportion to the change in power

A: yes.

5. Could it be made much smaller for integration in small mobile or small distributed devices?

A: yes.

Best Regards

This takes the E-Cat X in an interesting direction — moving away from industrial heating that is the purpose of the first E-Cat plants. If the E-Cat X is able to produce light and/or electricity as Rossi has hinted at, then there would be many potential applications it could be useful for, but one would expect there would be a lot of testing and refinement that would have to be done before putting small E-Cats on the market in consumer devices, since it is still in its very early stages.

I do think that in Andrea Rossi’s mind the E-Cat X is the future of his invention, especially if it is scalable up and down. It could fit the bill for large heating units as well as small ones.

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