Rossi Now ‘Far Less Skeptical’ About Jet Engine (Update: Rossi Increasing Time Working on ‘Game Changing’ Application With US Engineer)

Remember the E-Cat jet engine?  In March 2014 Andrea Ross reported on the JONP that he was “preparing for a pilot jet engine gas fueled hybridized with an E-Cats assembly.”  A few weeks ago I asked Rossi what had happened to this engine and he said that he had had to postpone work on it while working on the 1MW plant and the E-Cat X, but he intended to get back to work on it once the current testing was over.

Well it sounds like he has gotten back to work on it. Rossi was asked by a reader last week about the status of the project and he replied:

“I am already studying also on it, but I am still at the stage of the equations; I am working on it helped by a very good engineer, whose brother works in an aircraft manufacturing concern. It will be the priority after the heat and electric power issues will have been consolidated. Got some good ideas, now in fermentation.”

And today he made another comment about why he was getting back to work on it:

Andrea Rossi

James Watt:
Because a US engineer I am working with has given me a detail that has sparked a very good idea. It has been impossible not to work on it. I was very sceptic about engine applications of the E-Cat, now I am far less sceptic. It has been a detail, but a detail that has ignited the New Fire in the engines.
Maybe I am totally wrong, maybe not, but I am going to try.
Warm Regards,

UPDATE: (Dec 21, 2015)

Rossi has made this comment about the jet engine work on the JONP today:

Andrea Rossi
December 21st, 2015 at 8:27 AM
Ugo Pezzotti:
The 1 MW E-Cat is stable, but we are noticing a decrease of the efficiency in one reactor, probably due to the charge: this is very interesting and we are monitoring this fact very carefully.
The E-Cat X is so promising, that I have increased the time dedicated to the jet engine design, in collaboration with a US engineer with high skills in the matter. This has been a game changing issue, because 2 months ago I was oriented to consider futuristic this kind of application in a measure to discourage immediate attention.
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It’s good to see a change in attitude here, and that AR is taking outside advice. Many people have hoped and predicted that LENR use in engines would be possible, and perhaps the breakthrough idea that Rossi is working on will bear fruit.