New Report of Anomalous Thrust from EmDrive Replicator (Artefact)

The following comment was posted by Artefact

Another replicator (SeeShell) of the EMDrive got some (very preliminary) results in a first startup test after which the antenna inside the drive and the magnetron was broken. It will take her 2-3 weeks to get the new parts.

“Things are happening. EagleWorks has a paper in peer review and I’m restoring my lab into my home and the frustum antennas I fried. I’ll say it. I got thrust and yes it was above EagleWorks and rfmwguy’s and several others.

“It was a O. M.G. moment. Honestly, I got so excited I was shaking, it was like a new hot rod car and I regressed turning up the power. I didn’t record any of it as it was just a preliminary test to see if everything worked. I got more thrust and as the digital scales were climbing it went pffft. That wasn’t good.”


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