'Strong Progress' Being Made on Domestic E-Cat Certification

It’s been over four years since Andrea Rossi first announced that he was going to put domestic E-Cats on the market that people could use to heat their homes, and hundreds of thousands of pre-orders have been placed for these units (although no one has had to put any money down), but still there has been nothing made available.

The problem, according to Andrea Rossi, has been that the safety certifying agencies have yet to provide safety approval for these E-Cats, and without that certification Rossi says he will not put anything into the marketplace. He has said that 0ne reason for the holdup is that the certifiers want to see data from working devices before they will put their stamp of approval on the device as being safe to use in the home.

Yesterday Rossi made a comment which indicates that there may have been some progress on this front.

Andrea Rossi
January 5th, 2016 at 8:51 PM
Prof. Neri Accornero:
We are making strong progress toward the certification of the domestic E-Cat.
If the tests on course will be positive, possibly all will come together.
Thank you for your attention,
Warm Regards,

Rossi seems to be saying here that certification depends largely on how the test on the industrial E-Cat plant goes. We have been told that there is an independent testing agency involved in collecting data from the year-long plant test, and I would assume that the data collected by this referee could prove to be very important for the certification process.

While this sounds encouraging for those who are hoping for E-Cat heaters in their home (me included), there’s no promise here — he says that ‘possibly’ everything will come together.

UPDATE: I asked Andrea Rossi on the JONP whether the ‘progress’ in certification refers to the old-style domestic E-Cat, or the new E-Cat X, which is designed for domestic purposes. He responded:

Frank Acland:
Both, because now I know the rules and have designed the E-Cat X to ease the difficulties. I come to you to get a thing, but you reject me for a reason: I lose, but I learn. I return to you, and again you reject me for another reason: again I lose, but I learn. I return to you…and this cycle is repeated if necessary one thousand times, because I do not give up: at a certain point I will have learnt enough to empty your reasons tank. This is how it works.
Warm Regards,