Moscow Physicist Run 17 Tests with Ni-LiAlH4 System: No Excess Heat (Oystein Lande)

The following post was submitted by Oystein Lande


I just read this paper from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology,

They have reported 17 experiments using Nickel powder and LiAlH4 and did not see any signs of excess heat.

Anyone here with an idea of what they did wrong, that explains the COP<1 result for all tests ? Was it too small amount of Lithium (and hydrogen loading)? Lack of Ni pretreatment ? What's the correct pretreatment ? Wrong stimulus to trigger LENR? Link to report is here:


It has been stated that Ni-H systems could produce excess heat during rather long periods of time. We have performed experimental calorimetric investigation of this phenomenon. The experimental setup consisted of ceramic reactor with nickel powder inside it, heater, hydrogen loading system and calorimeter. Nickel powders with different grain size were used because of their large surface area. Hydrogen pressure varied from 0.5 to 2.5 atm. Temperature varied from 25 to 800 oC. Different methods of input power supply were used in order to investigate possible effects of high amplitude magnetic pulses. The experimental runs lasted from 4 to 50 hours.
Experiments didn’t show any evidence of excess heat within the accuracy of measurement.