Mats Lewan Announces New Energy World Symposium in Stockholm, June 2016 (Provided E-Cat Test 'Clearly Positive')

Today author and journalist Mats Lewan has announced that the first conference of the New Energy World Symposium will be held in Stockholm, Sweden on June 21, 2016 — providing that the result’s of Andrea Rossi’s 1MW E-Cat plant are ‘clearly positive.’ More information here:

From the announcement:

… abundant, cheap, carbon-free and clean—may change the world. It promises Planet Earth clean water, zero-emission vehicles with unlimited mileage, a solution to the climate crisis and much more (read more below).

At the New Energy World Symposium, holding its first session on June 21 in Stockholm, Sweden, high-profile speakers (see below) will address the disruptive implications that this energy source will have for industry, finance and society.

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Speakers announced so far are: Mats Lewan, Jed Rothwell, Brian Josephson (Emeritus Professor of Physics, Cambridge University), Jean-François Geneste (Vice-President Chief scientist, Airbus Group), Harry Frank (Professor in innovation management within energy at Mälardalen University College, Sweden), and Bob Greenyer (Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project).

There are other speakers, not yet announced, slated also: a technical expert, a financial expert, and a research expert.

Mats Lewan writes in this blog entry ( that initially the number of attendees would be limited to 500, but that could be adjusted upwards if interest justifies it. He also states:

“The one-year test is being undertaken by the aforementioned Italian inventor Andrea Rossi and his US industrial partner Industrial Heat, and should be concluded in March 2016. The results should be released shortly afterwards, controlled by a third-party certifying institute based on scrupulous peer review.

Since I have covered the development of Rossi’s energy device, the E-Cat, I know that there are good reasons to believe that the the technology is valid and that positive testimonials from the ongoing test, that I have received, are true.”