New Photo of Rossi and 1MW Plant

I believe this photograph was grabbed from Mats Lewan’s webinar that he presented today at the Energy 2.0 Society webinar. Someone on the Italian has posted it there. I think I remember seeing it briefly, but didn’t think much of it at the time because some photos of the plant have been released, but on closer examination it’s a picture we haven’t seen before.

Behind Rossi on the left In the distance in the center look like the four large 250 kW reactors that have been powering the plant for most of the test, while the units behind Rossi on the right and left appear to be the smaller backup units that Rossi has mentioned are there standing by in case the main reactors go down.

Rossi has mentioned that there has been a loss of efficiency in the plant lately, and when asked if the smaller reactors could still be used to help power the plant through the test he responded:

Andrea Rossi

Greg Leonard:
Correct: that is another safety boat. In a military term: it is our “reserve” division.
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Here’s the photo: