Open Power Association Files Patent for 'Direct Conversion of Nuclear Energy into Electricity'

Thanks to David Nygren of the LENR Forum for posting about a new patent application which has been filed by the Open Power Association in Italy for an apparatus “for direct conversion of nuclear energy into electricity and
cogeneration of thermal energy from general LENRs, in particular from a new kind.”

Ugo Abundo of the Open Power Association has published this document in English which summarizes the claims of the application and provides some illustrations: Here’s an excerpt:

The major items of the claims are:
– an activation of the fuel mixture by an adjustable neutron gun;

– a cycle of exothermic reactions involving Li-Be-H to promote secondary
neutron emission, enhancing reaction rate under magnetic field control, to
provide α and β rays emission;

– a separation of charged particles by a three electrode capacitor, under an
adjustable electric potential, and gas pressure control; then, a system for
extracting electric current is available from well-known technology;

– a system for removing the generated thermal energy is provided;

– a system for capturing unused neutrons (previously moderated), by a boron
layer, with removal of secondary thermal energy is also provided;

– a system for preventing any emission of radiation in the external environment
is finally provided.

Ugo Abundo states that free licenses will be available to selected partners, while some royalties ‘will guarantee scientific updating.’

The full text of the application, mainly in Italian is available here:

David Nygren says this thread on the LENR Forum can be used to submit questions to Ugo Abundo: