New MFMP Glowstick Test Underway (Update: Fueled Test Started on Jan 30th)

Alan Goldwater and Mark Jurich of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has started up a new Glowstick 5 test which is running live from Santa Cruz California.

UPDATE (Jan 30, 2016): Alan Goldwater has informed me that a live fueled test has just begun, and can be followed at the links below.

The main difference between this test and the previous Glowstick 5 test is in the pre-treatment of the nickel. According to this document describing the experiment, here is how the nickel will be treated:

Pre-Baking the Ni powder at 200ºC for 1hour, cooled, then baked for another hour.

Heating under vacuum to 115ºC while under vacuum for several hours, to de-gas the contents.

Heating with H2 to reduce oxides and potentially ‘load’ some H2 into the cracks and crannies created by the pre-baking.

The experiment can be followed live at this link (including chat with the experimenters):