New Parkhomov LENR Replication Claimed

Thanks to Mats for telling us about a new claim of a successful replication of Alexander Parkhomov’s E-Cat replica.
It’s anthother report from Russia. The author goes by the name of Sergey in this report.

See the details from experiment 13.0 on this page (Google translated from Russian)

He writes:

“Well, that “excess” heat. Within about 40 minutes. gave extra power reactor, about .. (700-380) / 3 = 100W. And, little by little increased temperature (at a rate 1g / min – setting PID controller), and the power first increases, and then began to fall! On the chart you can see everything”

Here is the relevant image:

On LENR-Forum there’s a thread where the author of the report has agreed to provide answers to questions.