Where is E-Cat Town, USA?

On January 1, 2016, just after midnight, Andrea Rossi posted about a “dream” he had about implementing his technology into a residential neighborhood in which streets would be lit, and homes would be powered and heated by E-Cat technology. Here’s part of his post.

The E-Cat X had been produced in billions pieces, each of them assembled with others in various combinations to make public lamps: a town was totally illuminated by the E-Cat X and from every lamp a network of pipes and of wires was able to distribute heat and electricity to the houses.

In that town there were about 1 million lamps each of them of 500 watts, consuming about 50 watts; consequently, there were 450 MWh/h produced, of which about half were turned into heat distributed to the houses through a network of well insulated pipes, running inderground, like optic fibers, the other half was used to enlight the town and to distribute electricity to the households.

Since that time, on the JONP he has referred to that “dream” and said that he had a place in mind. Now, it seems that he has gone further than just thinking about it. Here’s a Q&A from the JONP today:

Dr Andrea Rossi,
Are you already in contact with the authorities of the town of the USA wherein you will make true your Eve of the New Year dream (F9)?

Andrea Rossi
February 14, 2016 at 8:13 AM
Warm Regards,

I’m sure Rossi won’t be revealing the location until many details of this project would be finalized. My guess is that you’d have to implement this E-Cat neighborhood in a brand new residential development, rather than going into a neighborhood and trying to refit existing infrastructure for the E-Cat. And there will have to be robust and reliable E-Cat products in the marketplace before you could get serious about planning this kind of project. But Rossi seems to be serious about making his dream a reality and it sounds like he’s taking the necessary first steps.

BTW, another comment gives an idea of how motivated Rossi is to get on with things. He said today that “next year I want to run the Vasalppet, this is a stimulus to make faster with the E-Cats!”

I think he’s referring to the Vassalopet, which according to Wikipedia is “an annual long distance (90 km) cross-country ski race (ski marathon) held on the first Sunday of March in northwestern Dalarna, Sweden between the village of Sälen and town of Mora.” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vasaloppet)