Rossi: Domestic E-Cat Can Generate at least 300-500 W of Electricity

We’ve finally got a number from Andrea Rossi about what he thinks the E-Cat X can generate. For a long time he has been rather vague about what kind of electricity production we are looking at.

Here’s an exchange from the Journal of Nuclear Physics Today:

February 16, 2016 at 4:14 AM
Domestic X-CAT can generate enought energy to power circulation water PUMP (300-500W) ?

Andrea Rossi
February 16, 2016 at 7:22 AM
Warm Regards,

This does not give us the full picture of course. Rossi has also said that the E-Cat X produces both heat and electricity, but has not given a ratio, but he has said the ratio can be adjusted. So along with the electricity he is talking about here would be quite a lot of heat as well.

Remember, he is talking about a domestic E-Cat here — not an industrial size one — and 300-500 W of electricity can be very useful in a household. Most homes that I know of don’t use a pump to circulate water, but 300-500 W can power a good many useful appliances in most homes.

Let’s hope the certification process doesn’t drag on for too long.