French Newspaper La Tribune Features Cold Fusion

Thanks to a reader for sending me the following links to an article in the French newspaper La Tribune titled “Fusion froide, les espoirs du nucléaire «propre»”, which translates to “Cold Fusion, clean nuclear hopes,” written by Erick Haehnsen. According to Wikipedia La Tribune has a circulation of 531,000 copied (2000 numbers)

The full text (in French) can be read at this link, and below I have provided a Google translation of part of the article below.

For now, most projects not exceed the laboratory stage prototype. However, two of them seem close to market their products on the market. Starting with the company Leonardo Corporation. Its LENR reactor, called E-Cat, which uses hydrogen and nanostructured powders nickel and lithium, was designed by the researcher-Andrea Rossi entrepreneur and researcher Sergio Focardi of the University of Bologna (Italy).

In October 2014, E-Cat has was the first reactor to be LENR an independent technical validation achieved notably by researchers the University of Bologna, University Uppsala (Sweden) and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. during thirty-two days, this tiny device 33cm long and 12 cm in diameter reached a temperature between 1260 ° C and 1400 ° C, generated 1.5 MW, 3.2 to 3.6 times more energy than it consumed. Currently, Andrea Rossi
developing a range of prototypes E-Cat, from household generator 10 kilowatts up to the station of 1 MW for the industry, already being tested on a site.

Another pioneer, the California Brillouin Energy Corporation has demonstrated, November 2, its two reactors WET and HHT before members of US Congress. “It was an opportunity to show that we are close to commercialization
our products, “comments Robert Godes, President and CTO of the society. “Energy efficiency is a factor of 4 [400%, note] and potentially more, “says Michael McKubre, director of the center until 2009 Research on the energies of SRI International which in January 2015 had access to laboratory of the startup process and to tests in its own facilities. ” This transparency creates a climate of trust necessary to consider industrialize technology Brillouin Energy, “says Michael Halem, CEO of Invest LENR, a Swiss-American fund that also invests in startups LENR Cars,
Lenuco LLC and NicHnergy. Nonetheless, for Time is Brillouin which listed AlwaysOn Global 100 “100 Companies
Silicon Valley to watch closely.” Other hope, the Russian company New Inflow [] claims to have developed a new theory
scientific and mathematical models capable of simulating the LENR. A move that allows him to get yields 600% to 800%.

Also included in the article is a short interview with Michel Vandenberghe of LENR Cities. He states in part:

“A technology is only broadcast if the market accept it. So provide models economic factors in accelerating adoption. Hence the idea of ​​ecosystems that allow the actors to gather, exchange experiences and pool their risks.
This is what we do with Airbus and as part of the project aimed NewK to build the UK a European industry for reprocessing of radioactive waste. This sector requires the mobilization lot of energy. In reality, all industries need a lot of energy. But this one is expensive. If we change this equation, revolutionizing industry and transport.”