ECW Ocube Testing, Week 3 Thread

Here’s a new thread for week 3 of testing.

For reference:

Week 1 thread

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The Google document started by Ged which summarizes key information from testing so far .

The Spreadsheet with the terminal readings from the ocube

The video posted by Steorn yesterday showing some of the inner workings of the Ocube

February 23 2016

This morning I had a short Skype meeting with Steorn and I was shown a new testing unit that they said they would send on Wednesday. It is actually the insides of the ophone, and comprises of what they said was a full Orbo cell and a half Orbo cell. The full cell provides reference voltage to the half cell, which provides the power to the phone. In this setup there will be no batteries or capacitors — just the two cells and a 5V controller chip. Hopefully it will arrive in a few days.

Meanwhile, testing continued on the Ocube with various suggested tests. Much of today and yesterday was spent trying to increase the internal voltage of the Ocube by using a circuit with 9 Volt batteries providing external power. It has become difficult to get it much above 4.7 volts. Now the next test suggested was to discharge the Ocube by putting a 100 Ohm resistor across terminals U1-U2 which according to Steorn measure the voltage of the Orbo packs.

Below is a video of a discharge test where as you can see it is not easy to discharge it very much using a resistor.

February 24 2016

This is a longer discharge test I did this morning using a 100 Ohm resistor.

This is a second discharge test today, this time using a 47 Ohm resistor. Sorry, not in my usual workspace, so there’s no reference clock in the video.

A new experiment has been started. Thanks to DrD for the suggestion. An LED lamp has been plugged into the ocube rated at 0.22W. A bias voltage circuit has been applied to the U1-U2 terminals with a 1M Ohm resistor and 2 9 volt batteries. The start of the experiment is shown in the video below.