Mathisian Physics and LENR: A Preliminary and Tentative Guide (Josh Guetzkow)

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Mathisian Physics and LENR: A Preliminary and Tentative Guide
by Josh Guetzkow
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Dear reader, please be advised that if you are unwilling to entertain the possibility that the Copenhagen interpretation is simply wrong and that the physics that emerged from it (Quantum mechanics, etc.) is completely off track, if not disastrously wrong, then there really is no point in reading any further. If you are willing to reconsider and possibly even abandon much of what you thought you knew about how the physical universe works, then please read on.

What will the advent of cold fusion mean for establishment physicists? Will they be able to bend over backwards with ad hoc band-aids to patch up the same inconsistent and incomprehensible heuristic theories that keep telling us cold fusion is “impossible?” Or will it mean that the whole house of cards that is modern physics will come crashing down? In that case, we will need a new paradigm and new theories to rebuild it from the ground up. As it happens, someone has already rebuilt physics from the ground up. His name is Miles Mathis, an independent, self-taught polymath. I believe his revolutionary theories hold the key to a comprehensive explanation of all LENR processes, and I am writing this to explain why.

Miles is unique in that he started from scratch and questioned everything from first principles, going back to Euclid. He has dug into the equations and original writings of Newton, Farraday, Maxwell, Einstein, Bohr, Schrodinger, Feynman, etc., emerging with improvements and deep new insights. He has found fundamental errors in all of their work and corrected it (or tossed it into the trash heap when necessary). He cuts through the bluster and obfuscation of modern physics with surgical precision to deliver a truly mechanical theory of physics. Reading him demolish obtuse and abstract mumbo-jumbo while simultaneously solving some of the major outstanding mysteries of physics in the span of a few short pages is absolutely thrilling. His writing style is lucid, straightforward and accessible.

He has applied his theory to a wide range of phenomena, including solving the mysteries of dark matter, superconductivity, wave-particle duality, quantum entanglement, the double-slit experiment, and the Casimir effect, as well as explaining beta decay, neutrinos, nuclear magnetic resonance, Brownian motion, ice ages, the tides, the Meissner effect, major solar anomalies, celestial mechanics, etc. His theory explains why G (the gravitational constant) has the value it does (along with Planck’s constant and a bunch of others), why photons travel at c, why light is quantized, why E=mc2 , why the mass of the electron is about 1820 times less than the mass of a nucleon, where magnetic charge comes from and how it actually works, and on and on. In so doing, he has also done away with the theories underlying quantum mechanics, electrodynamics & chromodynamics (and hence the bulk of 20th century physics theories) in one fell swoop. I have christened his theoretical perspective, ‘Mathisian physics,’ because it is every bit as revolutionary and comprehensive as Newtonian or Einsteinian physics. Here is his website, where you can find all of his papers, which are short and written in an accessible writing style:

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