New LENR Company: Lux Energy — An Industrial Heat Affiliate (Update: Site Now Hidden)

luxenergyUPDATE: The Lux Energy site is no longer publicly accessible — now it requires a password to access.

Thanks to Sam for posting a link to the website of a new company called LUX Energy Ltd.

Just browsing around the site brings up some interesting information. The leadership team are:

Alexander Rios — Founder and CEO
Victoria Stephens — Founder and CTO
JT Vaughn — Vice President
Sean Weaver — Senior Designer

Most of us are familiar with JT Vaughn, of course, who is one of the directors of Industrial Heat, LLC, the exclusive licensee in North and S America, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates for Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat.

Some key quotes from the site:

Our Challenge: “We’re determined to help reverse the negative environmental and socio-economic impacts of unclean, unsafe, unaffordable energy.”

Our Vision: “We’re inspired by advances in LENR and ‘new paradigm’ alternatives to energy production and believe a tipping point is near.”

IP Identification: “We identify LENR technologies to license, acquire or invest in from around the world.”

The address for the company is P.O. Box 1171 Cary, North Carolina 27512 United States: this is the city next to Raleigh, NC where it was reported that Industrial Heat would be building a 20,000 square foot laboratory. The website features Tom Darden’s speech at the ICCF19 in Padua, so it all makes me think that Lux Energy is closely aligned with Industrial Heat — perhaps it is even an IH Subsidiary.

Interestingly, the site includes the text of the recent statement that Industrial Heat delivered, but begins with this paragraph:

The objective of LUX Energy, Ltd. is to make clean, safe and affordable energy available everywhere, and in doing this we want to build a company that demonstrates respect for all. LENR is a key focus of Industrial Heat and we believe multiple technologies in this sector warrant further investigation and development.

Is it possible that Lux Energy and Industrial Heat are one and the same?