October 2015 News Release About Baishishan Sino-US Science and Technology Park, Tom Darden Involvement (Xinhua News)

Many thanks to Julian Becker for forwarding this press release that was published last October regarding the founding of the Sino-US Science and Technology Park in China. We reported on it here based on some Chinese news reports, but I didn’t see this press release which comes from The Xinhua News Agency which is the official press agency of the People’s Republic of China. Below if a Google translation of this original release.

Baishishan determined to build Sino-US Science and Technology International Innovation Park

October 20, 2015 19:49:43 Source: Xinhua

  Xinhua Beijing October 20 electricity (Guo) Coordinated Development of Beijing, Tianjin and now a new bright spot: Baishishan determined to build Sino-US Science and Technology International Innovation Park. This is a Sino-US Science and Technology International Innovation Baishishan National Park Sino-US scientific and technological innovation and technology transfer and cooperation signing ceremony held in Beijing recently to upload the information.

  It is reported that construction of the park and the Sino-US operating companies baishishan Orient Technology Management (Baoding) Co., Ltd., respectively, and the United States Raleigh Capital, United States Cherokee Investment Fund, Japan TECH CAP Corporation, the Electric Power Group Co., Ltd. dawn Nebula Information Technology (Beijing) Co., the company, in fiscal Huizhong international investment Holdings Limited, maritime Silk Road investment Fund management Center, the machine Guoxin industry data services Ltd., China State construction design Group, nearly 20 units signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the future construction of the park investment amounted to 15 billion yuan, involving park infrastructure investment and construction, environmental protection, financial services industry, cooperation and wisdom park cloud big data, networking and other fields. Many high-tech, eco-friendly business park, will lead the rapid growth of Beijing, Tianjin and another technology transfer and the new economy.

  Zhao Gang, director of the Department of International Cooperation Center suggested that hopes Baishishan Sino-US Science and Technology Park to lead the trend of Sino-US scientific and technological innovation, technological innovation occupied the strategic high ground.

  US chairman Bei Triangle Park, Raleigh Capital Investors Gongsi Thomas Darden represented: the United States most of all opportunities for innovation from the science and technology innovation-oriented enterprises, the investment shares baishishan Sino-US Science and Technology Park, hoping to replicate the business model Bei Triangle Park, in China established the East triangle Park, North Carolina, US tech companies to attract more business and development to China. The future will be carried out jointly with Chinese companies scientific and technological innovation, contribute to environmental pollution control, energy conservation and environmental protection, low-carbon, to build Sino-US innovation cooperation platform.

  Baishishan Sino-US Science and Technology Park is located in Baoding, Hebei Laiyuan, planning area of ​​about 14.5 square kilometers, the United States will work with companies and organizations in the “Internet +”, low-carbon environmental protection, new energy, new materials, biomedicine, IT and conduct DT, high-end equipment manufacturing and other areas of cooperation, the introduction of incubation, transforming a number of new technological achievements, foster a number of high-tech business model.

  Construction of the park will be a high level of international investment platform, to fully draw Triangle Park, North Carolina, California, Silicon Valley innovation and entrepreneurship experience and strengthen cooperation between China and the deep technology and technology transfer, and international well-known multinational companies to promote the depth of business investment located in the Park, the world’s achievements in poverty reduction in the specific practice of Laiyuan County. Science and technology by strengthening cultural cooperation between the national science and technology enterprises, Sino-US Science and Technology Park will be built in China and the US Baishishan technical and industrial cooperation in important national parks and technology transfer innovation industry demonstration base.

  Science and Technology, Ministry of Civil Affairs, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Beijing Chaoyang District, Baoding City People’s Government, Laiyuan County People’s Government and other relevant departments as well as the United States, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and other overseas agencies and the International Union for Innovation and Technology, and other units to participate in the signing ceremony.