Rossi Says 'Brake' Now Removed, Production Will Be Accelerated

If it hasn’t been apparent to readers here yet, I’ve noticed a distinct change in the kinds of information that Andrea Rossi has been posting on the Journal of Nuclear Physics lately — since various documents were made public in the US District Court handling his lawsuit against Industrial Heat. He’s talking freely about things that previously he would not comment on at all since they have now been made public in the documents submitted to the court; in his mind it seems he is not bound by the license agreement that he claims has been violated.

There are some of these comments on other posts here are ECW, and here is another set of Q&A’s from the JONP that give an indication of his attitudes now.

Jerry Jones
April 8, 2016 at 6:24 AM
Dr Rossi, questions on ECW:

1) Is this legal case going to affect the production of E-Cat X or Quarks or whatever they are called?


2) Is the production and appearance on market delayed? By how much?

AR: it will be accelerated, because they were a brake

3) Does Rossi need new investors and money to get the production started?

AR: no

4) What obstacles other than remaining R&D are there now to get production and sales started?

AR: none, apart, limited to the domestic E-Cats, the safety certification