Next Big Future — E-Cat Test a "Failure"

The Next Big Future website is reporting on the latest revelations from the court documents and media reports and have posted an article with the title “Rossi 1 Megawatt Energy Catalyzer is a failure after 3 years of testing by Industrial Heat”

The information in the article comes from the court documents filed by Rossi and media reports which have been discussed here at length in other posts here. There’s no new information presented in the body of the article that would support the headline, which takes a very definite position and comes to an interpretation of the events that could certainly be challenged based on information that has been published.

If Rossi and the E-Cat are going to be judged in the court of public opinion, then reports from non-LENR focused websites like Next Big Future could have a lot of sway.

The fact is that noone has seen the report yet, so it is extremely premature to declare it a failure (it was not a three-year test anyway), especially given the court filings which say the test was a definite success, so I would definitely discount the conclusion presented by Next Big Future here, unless we have further information.