MFMP Team Starts New Live Glowstick Experiment (Latest: Active Side of Reactor Hotter by 20+ Degrees)

Thanks to Sanjeev for posting about the latest live experiment from the MFMP in Santa Cruz, California.

Information and links can be found at the Quantum Heat website here:

There is also a live video feed on Youtube here:

Part 1 video:
Part 2 video:
Part 3 video:
Part 4 video:
Part 5 video:
Part 6 video:
Part 7 video:
Part 8 video
Part 9 video–u7M
Part 10 video
Part 11 video
Part 13 video
UPDATE (April 14 2016)

Bob Greenyer wrote below:

So, just as we went through approximately 250ºC in the core from calibration (the temp at which excess heat onset occurs according to IH patent application) we saw the TCs and Optris PI160 average temp over whole cell sides diverge by around 1ºC

during this period, we saw at least 2 thermal neutron driven bubbles form LIVE in the bubble tech thermal neutron detector – the first time that detector has shown anything since being activated a week ago.

You can see the event by going back in the youtube stream