Leonardo Corporation Issues Press Release Announcing Termination of Industrial Heat License

The following press release has been posted on Leonardo Corporation’s ecat.com website here: http://ecat.com/news/pressrelease-industrial-heat-loses-license-for-rossis-e-cat


Leonardo Corporation announced today, June 2, 2016, that it has terminated the license granted to Industrial Heat, LLC. for the Energy Catalyzer (“E-Cat”) technology. Effective immediately, Leonardo Corporation has the sole and exclusive right to the E- Cat intellectual property in all territories previously licensed to Industrial Heat, LLC. According to Leonardo Corporation, the decision to terminate Industrial Heat, LLC.’s license follows Industrial Heat, LLC.’s failure to pay the agreed upon licensing fee.

The license previously granted to Industrial Heat, LLC gave the company the exclusive rights to use the E-Cat intellectual property in the geographic territories of North America, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Emirates.

In an effort to avoid any delay in making the E-Cat units commercially available in the above territories, Leonardo Corporation will be working diligently with its strategic partners to develop a new manufacturing and distribution strategy for those territories. For those customers located in these territories, all future inquiries regarding the E-Cat should be directed to Leonardo Corporation directly through its website.

As a result of its terminating Industrial Heat, LLC’s license, Leonardo Corporation has also demanded that Industrial Heat, LLC immediately assign all patents and patent applications based upon the E-Cat intellectual property to Leonardo Corporation, or abandon these applications in all jurisdictions.

Additional information is available at www.ecat.com.

Contact: Leonardo’s attorney John Annesser, Esq. [email protected]
SOURCE: Leonardo Corporation

Andrea Rossi made this comment on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

Andrea Rossi
June 2, 2016 at 4:30 PM
Thank you for this important link with the press release issued today from my attorney John Annesser, Esq.
We made this move to make clear a thing about which there has been a lot of confusion, because IH continues to make patent applications with my technology, using without my authorization my name as the inventor and the name of Industrial Heat as the assegnee. It must be clear and sound that Leonardo Corporation has terminated the license granted to Industrial Heat LLC in all the following Territories:
North America, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the Emirates.
This press release of our Attorney is clear and straight to the point.
Warm Regards,