Remote Area / Disaster Relief AC/DC power, Heated air, Warm Water and Clean Water E-Cat QuarkX System Concept (Engineer48)

Yesterday on this site Engineer48 posted a schematic for a concept of what he calls a “Remote Area / Disaster Relief AC/DC power, heated air, warm water and clean water system” to be powered by E-Cat QuarkX reactors. Engineer48 states that he has been in contact with Andrea Rossi about the idea, and Rossi has responded favorably to it.

Of course it is early days, and we can’t know how easy this will be to pull off, but I find the concept intriguing, especially since the system is designed to be able to be powered by electricity output from the QuarkX reactor itself via a current rectifier/battery setup. In essence this would make it a self-looped setup. The image below shows the proposed system.


If it works, one can see how valuable it would be in a remote area or emergency, where no mains electricity is available. It would have the ability to produce heated air and/or water, clean water via a distillation process, and also some AC and DC output (since the QuarkX apparently produces electricity directly).

Rossi has expressed to Engineer48 his willingness to cooperate when he is ready; at this point we can’t really know when that will be, but I would like to see a prototype of this system up and running.