Video: Anomalous Effects in Deuterated Systems; Melvin Miles –The Correlation of Excess Heat and Helium (ColdFusionNow)

Cold Fusion Now has published an interesting new video titled “Anomalous Effects in Deuterated Systems Melvin Miles The Correlation of Excess Heat and Helium” which features the work of Dr. Melvin Miles at the China Lake Naval Research Laboratory in the early 1990s in which he built palladium-dueterium cold fusion systems which were able to produced excess heat, and also helium 4.

This video, narrated by Ruby Carat, includes an in-depth interview with Miles who explains various experiments carried out and how the the amount of Helium 4 produced correlated with the amount of excess heat produced. One point that I found particularly interesting was when he says they changed the electrodes in the system they used and suddenly they were able to produce zero excess heat. When new wire was obtained from Johnson Matthey were they able to see excess heat again, but at lesser levels.

The full video is below, along with a transcript here