'Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Cold Fusion, But Were Afraid to Ask' (Olafsson & Holmlid Slideshow, July 2016)

A slideshow has been published by Sveinn Olafsson of the University of Iceland, and Leif Holmlid University of Gothenburg, Sweden which was presented at the Fifth International Symposium on Energy Challenges and Mechanics held in Inverness, Scotland this month. The title  of the presentation is “Everything you always wanted to know about cold fusion, but were afraid to ask.”

The slideshow can be seen here: https://drive.google.com/a/community.unipa.it/file/d/0B1_tFmz65k8BOE9iazZ1bW9LN0xFQXhKOFJ4bzgtNXNJeGtz/view

The presentation is 50 slides long. It’s a bit of a challenge to recreate a full presentation with just the slideshow, but there are many points clearly made in the slides. This presentation focuses on Holmlid and Olafsson’s own work with fusion production from ultra-dense deuterium. The last two slides are contain the references to their work in this area.

The conclusion of the presentation is this:

“Never use theory to deny experimental evidences even if the theory seems very obvious! . . . Ultra dense hydrogen can be the source of all or part of Cold fusion LENR related phenomena and more.”