Rossi: No Further Black Box Testing

Andrea Rossi responded to a suggestion on the Journal of Nuclear Physics by Gerard McEk that Rossi do a black box test of an E-Cat plant with a well known testing company to shoe convincing proof that the E-Cat is real, and open up the large scale commercial market.

Rossi responded:

Andrea Rossi
August 12, 2016 at 6:37 AM
Gerard McEk:
At the dawn of the computer era only a small percentage of the persons thought that personal computers were going to become a product: most gurus of cybernetics thought that to bring computers to households was a ridiculous idea. To change the game have not been tests, but products in the market.
The tests we made have been sound, honest and made by experts and further testing will just be a loss of time for us and a mine of information for the competition. My goal is not to have high rate polls, because I have not to be elected on the base of what I say or shw, as a politician, I have to sell products. What I need are products, not papers at this point. The sole tests that are useful, at this point, are tests that we can make with full knowledge of what happens indide the reactors, to consolidate the technology in this R&D phase, not tests with black boxes to raise the polls positively. We already achieved the goal to be able to commercialize the industrial plants, albeit still in a pioneer-market context and are close to expand the industrial market for such industrial plants.
The answer to your question can be synthesized as follows: once our products will be in the market, everybody will be able to buy them and make all the tests he wants.
Warm Regards,

By the way, I am very surprised that on EW we got 55% positive: I thought that the positive expectation, after all the stupidities put around, could not be more than 10%, he,he,he.

I would like to see Rossi do the kind of test that Gerard suggests here. I do think that some kind of black box test would help his case in court. I think that there will be expert witnesses called by the IH team to try and convince the jury that there was no excess heat produced in the 1 year test and a working plant would certainly be strong evidence in favor of Rossi’s claims.

However, I don’t really expect it to happen before a commercial rollout. Rossi has always been concerned about losing time on testing that he sees as unnecessary, and in providing any possible advantage to competitors.

I think the best we can hope for is that one of the “pioneer” customers in this early stage of production will be willing to report on their experiences with an e-cat plant, but we can’t be sure that will happen, since we don’t know who these customers are or what their intentions are.