Bob Greenyer Posts New Video with MFMP News and Ideas

Bob Greenyer of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project did a live video chat this morning on Google Hangouts in which he discussed some news from the MFMP and ideas about the possible source of energy in LENR

The video can be seen below:

Bob followed up with this summary of the content of the video:

I just wanted to get the 3 main things out before going to Aarhus

1. That we have a shot at showing if a particular theory is correct

2. That practically all successful tech seams to have LWFM in play – and that it has been known to be critical for many years with Celani, Iraj and Iwamura being leaders. Holmlid has recently observed Muons but attributes the m to nuclear spallation – despite using the LWFM and transition metal (K and Fe in this case)

3. My speculation that Muons, Muonium, Muonium- and muonic atoms may be at play (in a similar way to Piantelli’s H- but more accepted as a MO to make fusion)

4. That the e-Cat X is a HV discharge through sapphire.

5. That HV Sapphire makes muonium and potential ly muonium- as shown by canadian research

6. That that is why I suggested 3 phases may play a role in Hot Cat and my previous informed speculation HV discharge in E-Cat X and that Rossi may not know how it works

7. That recent patent by Clean planet says effectively “heavy electron’ every few paragraphs, saying that the nano structures help it… but does not say muon

8. That subsequent to ALL this and with a priority date before E-CatX was mentioned by Rossi, the German patent is doing a Dielectric Barrier Discharge DBD through Al2O3 (what sapphire and hotcats are made from) without giving a reason and there is no indication that they know how it may enhance the effect.

IF the ECat-X is functioning like this, there is no indication Rossi knows that. It would allow for pulsed HV DBD through sapphire capillary – a muonic (even muonium- with the LWFM increasing production of H- and u-) based accelerated effect could result in light,back emf and direct electricity.