Aarhus University/MFMP LENR Project Covered on Danish Website

Thanks to readers who have pointed out the following article from the Danish website Ingeniøren (The Engineer) which looks at the recent developments at Aarhus University where the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has been invited to collaborate on a LENR research project. The link below is to an English translation (by Google) of the original article in Danish.

The article states that the project will be overseen by a professor of Chemistry, Kim Daasbjerg, and that one graduate student will work on the project full-time, and another part-time.

The article references the following video by Bob Greenyer of the MFMP where he outlines to potential supporters in Silicon Valley (they were seeking $180k for an 18-month project) the mission of their organization and focuses on the Open Science approach for research in the LENR field, and explains they are collaborating with Aarhus’ University’s iNano (Interdisciplinary Nanotechnology) project. Bob explains that in addition to being interested in LENR, they also want to branch into Open Science.

The Engineer states that they have spoken with both Bob Greenyer and Kim Daasbjerg, but they didn’t want to be quoted for the article.