MFMP Publishes New Video and Slideshow: Doppelgänger — Does a 2006 Patent Describe the 'Rossi Effect'?

UPDATE: New Video and Slideshow from Bob Greenyer: Doppelgänger

The slideshow is here:

The patent application that Bob is referring to: “Deuteride/hydride catalyzed condensation energy production” Inventors — Richard Day, Kenneth Rubinson, Terrence McConville, Alfred Kornel.


Thanks to Ged for posting this:

“Hey everyone, just wanted to give a heads up that MFMP may be releasing something important soon. Those who get the donor e-mails will know what I mean. I don’t know what it is, just to keep an eye on their Facebook page.”

I have been in touch with Bob Greenyer who won’t give any details yet, but is getting ready to post something today, I believe, that he considers to be important.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the MFMP Facebook page and see what he will be coming out with.

I am told the information will come in video form.

From the MFMP FB page:

What if you had a document that…
– Showed nuclear synthesis without harmful radiation
– had two catalysts, a big and a small one
– could self sustain
– operated between familiar temperatures
– had demonstrated melt-downs
– works as a fluid
– could be enhanced by other catalysts