Looking For Heat Publishes Proposed Protocol for Nickel-Hydrogen LENR

A new article written by Alan Smith and Hank Mills has been published on the Looking for Heat website titled “Ultrasonic Fuel Treatment As A Gateway To Nickel/Hydrogen LENR”. It has been posted as a “discussion document,” and describes an experimental protocol that Alan and Hank hypothesize could provide a means of achieving significant excess heat from LENR reactions.

The full article can be accessed here: http://www.lookingforheat.com/ultrasonic-fuel-treatment-gateway-nickelhydrogen-lenr/

The article focuses on what the authors consider could be critical features of successful Ni-H LENRs; namely the preparation of the nickel. They believe it is of great importance to “enhance the catalytic properties and hydrogen interaction potential of nickel,” and propose meticulous cleaning of the nickel for optimum performance by using ultrasound (to remove oxide layers from nickel powder) and heated vacuum degassing.

The document also includes a detailed experimental protocol which provides recommended procedures and equipment. One thing that is not included is a report of an experiment following the protocols suggested by Alan and Hank because they are still in the process of getting the equipment and materials together to carry out the proposed method.

They say that the next thing coming will be: “Part 2, Experiments Performed Using Sonicated Nickel,” and I look forward finding out what results are achieved using the proposed method.