Rossi Plans Two Presentations of QuarkX, Sweden and USA

Over the last few weeks Andrea Rossi has been mentioning that he plans to hold what he has described as both a ‘presentation’ and ‘demonstration’ of the QuarkX reactor next year. He says he hopes it will take place around February — providing that the 5 Sigma goal for the QuarkX’s performance has been reached in testing.

Today he has stated on the Journal of Nuclear Physics that there will be two separate presentations — one in Sweden and one in the USA.

I hope that these events are held — it has been a long time since we’ve had any public demonstrations from him and so far we have not seen any kind of image of the QuarkX, (except for a hazy blue light which really gave very little information).

Information about what we might expect at these demonstrations is very sketchy. So far, Rossi has only mentioned that some kind of dummy reactor could be involved as a control. With a lot of skepticism out there regarding Rossi’s claims it might be difficult to pull off something that is likely to sway the doubters, but we’ll have to see what he has planned. Probably these would be more of publicity events, rather than scientific tests. Perhaps he will be open to ideas of what might make an effective presentation.