New Reports from Alexander Parkhomov: Excess Heat Production and Isotopic Shifts in E-Cat Replication Attempt (Update: English Translation Available)

UPDATE (Dec 4, 2016)

Thanks to Bob Higgins of the MFMP for providing this English translation of the new Alexander Parkhomov report which is available here:

(Thanks to Bob Greenyer for the notification)


Thanks to the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project for putting together the following links and images on their Facebook page regarding a new report from Russian researcher Alexander Parkhomov who continues to work on trying to replicate Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat.

Parkhomov’s presentation and documents are in Russian; hopefully some translations will be forthcoming. From the image below, there does seem to be some change in the isotopic makeup in the ash following the 40 day run, although not as much as was reported in Rossi’s Lugano test results.