Airbus Continues Engagement in Cold Fusion, Files Patents for ‘Fusion Reactor’ and ‘Fusing Ultra-Dense Hydrogen’

Thanks to Lou Pagnucco on the LENR Forum for posting links to two new related patent applications that Airbus has submitted to the US Patent office that show they have continued interest in the field of LENR.

The first is for: “Material arrangement for fusion reactor and method for producing the same

Here’s the abstract:

“A material arrangement for a fusion reactor comprising at least one material which is configured as a foam-like carrier material for condensable binding and fusing of hydrogen. The carrier material is provided with positively charged vacancies for condensing hydrogen atoms, small pores for receiving the condensate and for accelerating the condensation after previous penetration of atoms or molecules into these, and large pores for transporting a catalyst into the small pores. Furthermore, a method for producing the material arrangement is disclosed.”

One interesting excerpt:

“In addition to hot fusion, various fusion processes in the field of cold fusion have already been described. In this case these frequently lack demonstrable functionality and efficiency. A development in the field of cold fusion towards the use of condensed matter is increasingly indicated.”

The second application is for “Method and Apparatus for Generating and for Fusing Ultra-dense Hydrogen


“A method for generating and for fusing ultra-dense hydrogen in which molecular hydrogen is fed into at least one cavity and catalyzed, where the splitting and subsequent condensation of the molecular hydrogen is initiated on a catalyst of the cavity to form an ultra-dense hydrogen. The ultra-dense hydrogen is exposed to pressure or electromagnetic radiation to initiate fusion of the ultra-dense hydrogen in the at least one cavity and the reaction heat is led out from the at least one cavity. The pressure as mechanical resonance or the electromagnetic radiation as electromagnetic resonance amplifies the field and therefore the effect. Also, an apparatus for carrying out the method is disclosed.”

Airbus has previously filed a LENR-related application (see here), so they seem to be quite serious about this area. Berhard Kotzia is listed as the inventor on these new application, and he was a co-inventor in the earlier one. It’s not clear how much practical research they have done in connection with these applications, however. I suppose it is possible that they are trying to stake an early claim in anticipation of growing competition in the field, without having done much experimentation so far. Ultra-dense hydrogen seems to have become quite a watchword lately.