Rossi vs. IH et al: Rossi’s Team Publishes ‘Daily Valuation of Energy Multiple’ for 1-Year E-Cat Plant Test, Claiming COP Range of 63-139; Also Utility Use History

Thanks to Peter Gluck on Ego Out for pointing out the following:

Andrea Rossi’s legal team has published a response to the Industrial Heat et al’s recently submitted Fourth Amended Answer in response to Rossi’s initial complaints in the case. The document itself is a motion to have the court deny leave for IH’s submission, and is full of legal arguments about why the judge should deny IH the right to submit another amended answer. The document can be read here.

Much more interesting to me than the legal arguments (which are for me quite difficult to follow, as usual), is the submission of a new Exhibit which is titled: Final Report, Annexe 2: Daily Valuation of the Energy Multiple, which gives a daily accounting of the amount of energy used and produced by the E-Cat plant, along with information about temperature, steam pressure and water flow. The final column gives a daily accounting of the COP, which according to the document was consistently above 63, and up to 139.

It’s not clear from this document who the author is — possibly it is Fabio Fulviani, Andrea Rossi, or Fabio Penon. But it does give a clear picture about what Rossi’s claims are in the case, however without any supporting evidence.

A link to the report can be found here:


There is an Exhibit 2 connected with Rossi’s filing above, which is titled ‘Billing History’. It shows the monthly amount of electricity used, and the monthly electricity charge used by JM Chemical Products Inc at the address 7861 NW 46th Street, Doral, Florida, from October 2014-June 2016.

You can see the document here: