Rossi Recounts 2010 Naval Research Laboratory Test

Andrea Rossi today has written a brief account of a test that was apparently carried out at a Washington, DC lab connected with Naval Research Lab in 2010.

This is the Q&A from the Journal of Nuclear Physics today:

February 23, 2017 at 6:10 AM
Dr Andrea Rossi:
Is it true that during a day in 2010 you made a test with the NRL in a laboratory of Washington, DC?
A top level officer of the NRL has written recently that the test was impressive ad that if it was a hoax it was a damn good one!
Can you describe?

Andrea Rossi
February 23, 2017 at 9:43 AM
Yes, the day you are referring to happened in the Summer of 2011, in a Laboratory connected with NRL. I brought there my E-Cat and they monnted it in a rack of theirs to make their calorimetric measurements. A specialist of NRL measured the electricity consume by means of an oscilloscope of NRL, while several thermocouples set up by them measured the temperature of the water before and after the E-Cat. A flowmeter measured the flow of water. The test during the first day measured a difference of temperature that corresponded to a production of about 1 kWh/h of energy, while after half an hour from the start up ( around 9 A.M.) the system is gone in SSM ( Self Sustained Mode ) and the amount of the input of electricity consumed by the E-Cat has been zero for all the day.
The electricity consumed amount has been measured exclusively by means of the oscilloscope brought there by the specialist of NRL.
This is what happened during that day.
Warm Regards,

We have had some discussion about an early test (see this post) which discusses email exchanges between Steven Krivit and Tony Tether, former director of DARPA, who reports having witnessed a test from Rossi which he said appeared to show clear excess energy production, and he remarked that “if it is a hoax, it is a damn good one”. I think that this test must the one that Rossi is referring to, based on his use of Tether’s quote.