Rossi v. IH — Final Penon Report Published in Court Documents (Among Many Others); “Plant Consistently Produced Energy that is at Least Six Times Greater than the Energy Consumed”

There have been a great number of new documents posted in the Rossi v. Industrial Heat case. Over the last day documents 194-207, along with many accompanying exhibits, have been added to the court docket, and they can all be read here: (thanks again to Eric Walker for making them available). I have not had time to go through them all so far, but I thought it would be important to bring attention to the document that many people have been hoping to see, which is the final report of Fabio Penon — who was chosen as the expert responsible for validation (ERV).

Some of the document below has already been published in a previous exhibit, as the “Daily Valuation of the Energy Multiple”, but the first five pages are new.

Penon, who visited the site four times during the course of the test, writes in conclusion:

“Consequently the ERV certifies that for a period of 350 days, not consecutives, the temperature of the steam produced by the plant was greater than 100 C, and the plant consistently produced energy that is at least six times greater than the energy consumed by the Plant.”

“Definitely the guaranteed performances standards have been achieved for the test period”

197-03 - Exhibit 3

I am sure there will be lots of analysis and discussion of this and the other documents in the court release, and I would hope we can keep the discussion about it on this thread to avoid going off-topic on others.