MFMP Invites Crowd Engagement for Developing Testing Protocols for ECCO Device

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for announcing the creation of new live collaboration documents that are designed for the purpose of developing the test protocols for the Indian ECCO device which the MFMP have been invited to test by the lead developer, Suhas. Interested persons are invited to participate in providing input.

Here’s the introduction:

About this planning document

This document is being developed live, online and with public access to view it. It will change as we learn more about the system to be tested. It will change as we get suggestions from interested parties. We believe in the power of the crowd to process information and contribute from many perspectives to make a better overall product. We welcome suggestions from viewers of this document. If you think you know a better tool or methodology that will leave less open questions – we want to hear from you! If you cannot make edits here directly, please join the conversation on the MFMP ECCO web page.

The documents can be accessed at this link: