MFMP and Me356 Testing — Monday, May 29 (New Live Test Started)

Here’s a new thread for another day of testing by the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project who are going again to visit Me356. From the testing so far, there has been no clear evidence that Me356 has a working LENR reactor. Me356 has posted some comments on the previous thread explaining that he has been working over the last day (when the MFMP were taking a break), hoping to get something ready for today that will work better.

A new video from the MFMP has been posted on Facebook, made as they are driving to Me356’s place — see here:

They say that Me356 has told them that he won’t be able to use an earlier reactor for testing today, so I assume they will be working with the reactor they used on Friday and Saturday, perhaps after Me356 has made some modifications. I’ll add more info in this post as it is made available today.

MFMP have posted a couple of new videos today; one showing a new ground attachment, and one showing the flow of water supply following a fix of a pump by Me356.

The latest update from Bob Greenyer: “Testing dummy reactor now as heat source for exchanger to characterise the thermal losses in the mass flow calorimetry.”

Live data feed for test that has just started: