Bazhutov et. al. Again Claim “Large Excess Heat” (COP of 3) in Plasma Electrolysis System

About a year ago we featured a video of a team of Russian LENR researchers led by Yuri N. Bazhutov which showed an experiment in which they claimed to achieve a COP of 2.78 in plasma electrolysis system with a NaOH (sodium hydroxide) electrolyte and a tungsten electrode. I hadn’t heard any updates from this team since then, but I have found that they have a poster presentation scheduled at the LENR conference that is currently taking place in Asti, Italy.

The title of the presentation is “Demonstration of Large Excess Heat in Ecological Plasma Electrolysis”. Here is the abstract:

We present the variant of installations Fakel-D2ST series (Demonstration 2 Small Thermostat) for ecological demonstration of plasma electrolysis in public auditorium. Demonstration of large excess heat, using evaporation calorimetry, was performed by comparison water evaporation of installations Fakel-D2ST & standard thermos electroheater (TEH) at equal power. For nuclear control “Sosna” β-dosimeters, neutron and β-radiometerswere used. We show about 3 times excess heat generation in Fakel-D2ST installations.

Unfortunately the slide presentation is not posted in the workshop program, but perhaps it will be made available later. Any system that can consistently show an COP of around 3 is quite impressive, since many published reports that claim excess heat are often not too much above a COP of 1, which can make it difficult to confirm an LENR effect. I hope more information about this experiment will be made available.