What to Expect at the E-Cat QX Presentation

Turning our attention away from the court case/settlement for a moment, and looking towards October, when Andrea Rossi says that his presentation of the E-Cat QX will take place, here’s a Q&A on the Journal of Nuclear Physics this evening gives us an idea of what to expect if and when Andrea Rossi makes the planned presentation.

July 19, 2017 at 1:41 PM
Dear Andrea Rossi,
The measurements you will make on the Ecat QX during the presentation of October will be based on the Wien and Boltzmann equation as the ones described in the Gullstrom-Rossi paper?
Thank you,

Andrea Rossi
July 19, 2017 at 9:13 PM
No, It will be plain and simple calorimetry. We will have a flow of water that will not change phase, well below 100 Celsius degrees, a measurement of the water flowing through the plant and a measurement of the delta T and of the electric energy consumed by the E-Cat QX. Plain and simple.
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in the experiment described in the Gullstroem/Rossi paper, the temperature was measured using a spectrometer, and therefore it was necessary to employ the Wien and Boltzmann equations to determine the energy output of the reactor. The calorimetry experiment that Rossi describes should make things much simpler.

Now, I am sure that like any other test that has been published over the years, there will be a great deal of critical analysis of this test. The key data in this test will be the input power (electrical) and output power (heat), and it will be very important that they are calculated correctly. Rossi, or whoever is taking measurements, will need to have accurate, calibrated measurement instruments, and the reporting of the results will need to be clear.

As preparations are made for the test, maybe Andrea Rossi and/or others involved would be reading threads like this, so it might be helpful if readers posted any suggestions or advice in the comments.