Steven Greer: Rossi’s Going about Things All Wrong

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for sharing a link to a recent video which contains an audio recording of a seminar by Steven Greer, the founder of the Disclosure Project, which attempts to make public surpressed information about such subjects as UFOs, and advanced technologies (e.g. medical, propulsion, energy) that he believes should be released for the benefit of humanity.

Below is a transcription of part of his talk which deals with Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat — which is found at the 2:32 mark in the video below.

This portion is Steven Greer responding to a question about zero point energy. He was asked if the genie was now out the bottle, if anyone was now close.

“Yes, they can contain them,  and yes there are people close, in fact there are people who have them. Let me give you one example. We believe …  there’s a fellow name Rossi, in Italy, who has a device that generates apparently overunity excess energy and heat, although no one knows the mechanism and action. He’s keeping it a trade secret. Very big, and probably fatal, fatal error.

“The people I’ve met with who’ve developed these systems have all either taken it to their graves, or had them confiscated before they can get them out the public significantly because of some central strategic errors that have to do with the idea that they are going to be able to handle that technology like you would a new app, or a new Silicon Valley computer system.

“When you’re dealing with something like this, it has to be done completely openly, open source, and you have to have millions of people know what’s happening in real time. Stan Myer took his knowledge to the grave. If you look at the workshop I did about a year ago here, there have been literally hundreds, or maybe thousands of people who have discovered this same effect, and they’ve all made the same set of predictable errors base on them handling the technology as if it were a conventional technology, when it is not. 

“And so I would say, yes, there are people out there who are working on it, some who I believe have. I have a friend at Stanford University who knows a man at the National Security Agency who confided that they are tracking what Rossi is doing very carefully, which indicates to me that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. If Rossi’s listening: heads up.

“But tactically and strategically he’s handling it in a way that guarantees failure. Because by keeping it tightly held, coveting, trying to keep it secret, overly concerned with monetizing the technology, instead of getting it out, he is going to step into every booby trap that has been set out there, and the chances that it will make its way out to the public is infinitesimally small, and that’s not just true of Rossi’s technology, but of every single person who has that same idea.”