Lava Flow LENR in Nature? (P. Oeoht)

The following comment was posted by P. Oeoht in the Edmund Storms video thread, and I thought it raised an interesting point. It was made in response to a comment by f sedei who was wondering what Ed Storms might consider LENR occuring in nature.

Consider volcanic lava flowing along a slope on the surface of the ground for day after day, at about 1 metre per minute, without a source of heat to keep it molten.

Now consider a ton of molten aluminium applied to an identical slope, also without a source of heat. How long would the Al remain molten? One minute, perhaps!

One of the standard volcanic temperature anomalies is seen when the temperature of the lava at the mouth of the volcano is found to be significantly LOWER than that up to 100 metres down the lava stream.