“Hurricane Harvey Makes Case for Nuclear Power” (Forbes)

An article written by James Conca has been published on the Forbes website making a case that in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, which has devastated parts of the gulf coast in the southern United States, nuclear power has proven to be the most resilient power generation source.

The article is titled “”Hurricane Harvey Makes Case for Nuclear Power” https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamesconca/2014/01/12/polar-vortex-nuclear-saves-the-day/#5fa8613c6b08

He some excerpts:

“The two nuclear reactors at the South Texas Project plant near Houston were operating at full capacity despite wind gusts that peaked at 130 mph as the Hurricane made landfall. The plant implemented its severe weather protocols as planned and completed hurricane preparations ahead of Category 4 Hurricane Harvey striking the Texas Gulf Coast on August 25th.

“Anyone who knows anything about nuclear was not surprised. Nuclear is the only energy source immune to all extreme weather events – by design.


“Whether it’s hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, heat waves or severe cold, nuclear performs more reliably than anything else. There’s no better reason to retain our nuclear fleet, and even expand it, to give us a diverse energy mix that can handle any natural disaster that can occur.”

Mr. Conca does make valid points about the vulnerabilities of fossil fuel and solar/wind, but I was somewhat surprised that he did not mention the ongoing Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant disaster following the 2011 tsunami in northeast Japan as a possible exception to his case. I think if we had E-Cat style LENR plants instead of the fission variety, which would eliminate the concerns about radiation leakage and waste then his case would be more solid.

  • sam
  • Omega Z

    Yeah, but should the power lines to the nuclear plant go down, then you have the makings of a Fukushima scenario.

    • Warthog

      Not if your backup diesel generators are not in the basement. It was tsunami “storm surge flooding” that did in Fukushima.

      • Omega Z

        Most nuclear power plants only have enough diesel fuel on hand for a week. The reason for this is that motor fuel degrades and they need to use and/or replace the fuel quarterly which is considered too expensive to keep more on hand.

        Want to save on your lawn more repairs. make sure the tank is nearly empty at the end of the mowing season. Do not run the mower completely dry as gaskets and seals dry out in the carburetor, Add any left over gas in the gas can to your vehicle. Buy new gas in the spring to fill the mower up.

        Here’s a little note most are not aware of. 1 being worst case scenario and 10 being the best case, they build to point 5. No one builds anything for worse case. It’s to expensive.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Hurricane Erin (at 38:00) makes the case for what?


  • Tim

    They’re not immune to tsunamis. Just ask Japan.

  • Headline re-write: “… makes the case for the SunCell or Quark-X …”

    FIFY Forbes.

  • What do they do at night?

  • This is probably a good move, as the SunCell moves forward out of the lab and into the engineering phase at Columbia Tech Inc … Westinghouse may be seeing the proverbial “writing on the wall” at this point too.

    I don’t know if anyone else here has been reviewing the various Industry and Demonstration Day videos put out by BrLP …