Why “Greed is Good” for E-Cat Dissemination (Chapman)

I thought this comment from Chapman from the Rossi selling heat thread was worth putting in its own thread, as it focuses on a theme that has been much debated here on E-Cat World.

I know that most folks were hoping for QX powered personal-mobility-units to be available by Christmas, but one must take a step back and realize his stated market approach is the best possible solution, both for himself, as the inventor and CEO, and for society.

The critical part of it will be for him to find industrial partners with a LARGE demand, that he can slowly scale up to. This will give him the ability to put into use the largest number of units, while maintaining the highest degree of control. This satisfies the acknowledged safety concerns, allows the roll out to reach a critical mass that goes beyond that which could be denied, refuted, debunked, or flat out hidden, and allows him to establish a working relationship with high dollar customers.

Like it or not, Rossi MUST keep profits front and center in his market strategy. As long as he is pursuing maximum profit (short of just selling the rights to an oil giant to be suppressed and forgotten) then the natural consequence will be maximum utility and market penetration.

I hope Rossi NEVER abandons greed!
As wise men have said, “Greed is GOOD!”.
Greed makes the REAL world work.
Greed is THE Great Motivator.
Greed gets mankind off the couch, and drives them to productivity.
Greed creates a better world.

I hope Rossi dreams of putting one QX in every home, one in every vehicle, and 100 in every business – and getting $5 for every unit.
I hope he dreams of being richer than Trump.
Richer than Gates.
Richer than Bezos.
Because for him to REACH that goal will mean there IS a QX in every home, one in every vehicle, and 100 in every business!