LENR at NASA: New Patent Application for “Methods and Apparatus for Enhanced Nuclear Reactions”

Here is more evidence that NASA is taking LENR/cold fusion seriously now. A new patent application from Pinesci Consulting and NASA’s Glenn Research Center for “Methods and Apparatus for Enhanced Nuclear Reactions” has been published by the World Intellectual Property Organization.

The date of publication is September 14, 2017.


“Nuclear fusion processes with advanced rates may be realized by providing energetic electrons in an environment containing a suitable fuel gas, a liquid fuel source, a solid fuel source, a plasma fuel source, or any combination thereof. The fuel source may be deuterium, tritium, a combination thereof, or any fuel source capable of creating deeply screened and/or neutral nuclei when exposed to energetic electrons. Under proper conditions, at least some of the deeply screened and/or neutral nuclei fuse with other nuclei. Neutral versions of duteron and/or triton nuclei may be created by bringing neutrons with certain energy levels (e.g. around 3 MeV, but optionally less or much less than 3 MeV) into interaction with other neutrons, forming neutral versions of deuterons and/or tritons. Such processes may be used for power generation, heat production, nuclear waste remediation, material creation, and/or medical isotope production, for example.”

The full text can be read as a PDF here: https://e-catworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/2017.09.14-Published-Application-1663.0002PCT3.pdf