Leonardo Corp’s Website: Heat for Sale

Thanks to a reader who found on the Ecat.com website (Leonardo Corporation’s official site) that the company is now listing heat for sale on this page: https://ecat.com/ecat-products/ecat-energy

Here’s the text:

ECAT Heat Energy

Leonardo Corporation now offers ECAT Heat Energy as a separate product solution. The ECAT plants are owned and operated by Leonardo Corporation while installed in the customers facilities or at a location in the vicinity of the customers facilities depending on local needs and infrastructure.

The ECAT Heat Energy is delivered by steam at 100-120 Celsius and extracted through the customers local heat exchangers. Return temperatures can be in any range between 5-95 Celsius.

Leonardo Corporation initially look for customers with 24/7 facility operation due to ECAT plants preferred continuous operation. Please contact for quotes

It will be interesting to see what kind of response there might be for this, and whether anyone who does get involved will be willing to report their results publicly. There’s no mention here of price, but if it is significantly below current energy costs, this could be an attractive offer for any business who uses a lot of heat in their operations.