Results of MFMP NOVA Testing Published — Inconclusive on Transmutation

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for pointing out this report.

Bob Greenyer and George Egely of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project invited Andrew Johnson of the Check the Evidence website to be an independent observer of testing of a carbon sample processed in Dr. Egely’s NOVA reactor and analyzed at Bob Greenyer’s office in Brno, Czech Republic. The main goal of the testing was to see if transmutation could be observed in the sample.

Andrew Johnson has published his report on the Check the Evidence website here:

The report has also been published on the MFMP’s Steemit site here:

Here is an excerpt of the results section from the Johnson report:



No fast or thermal neutrons were detected.


No gammas above background were detected.

Magnetism Test

It appeared some small proportion of the dust was diamagnetic (it moved away from the magnet – see video). However, the original spectrographic rods are also diamagnetic.

SEM / Mass Spectrometer

When the powder samples were scanned under the electron microscope and mass spectrometer, as well as the expected elements of C (Carbon), K (Potassium), and Oxygen, small amounts of calcium, aluminium, sulphur and silicon were detected in 2 of the samples, but this was not viewed as conclusive proof that transmutation had occurred.

Andrew Johnson points out that there was not a lot of time for further experimentation during this period due to the high cost of renting the SEM/Mass spectrometer instrument, but that more testing is proposed by MFMP to investigate further.

  • Zephir

    It’s well known that graphite becomes ferromagnetic after quenching due to formation of paramagnetic defects. Therefore even if Egely would reproduce ferromagnetism in his samples, it couldn’t serve as a conclusive evidence of transmutation by itself.

    • Bob Greenyer

      In the pre-test done in hungary with Charcoal some spheres were found that were ferro magnetic and they did contain large amounts of Iron

      For me the test is not credible though since we did not have control over the elemental constitution of the feed-stock and most, if not all the elements observed are in wood and the pencil lead anyhow.

      The data for the carbon used has already been published. I will publish the analysis on the pencil lead next.

  • Andreas Moraitis

    Was the instrument really a mass spectrometer, or rather an EDX spectroscope (the latter would be typical in combination with a SEM)?

    • Bob Greenyer


  • Bob Greenyer

    There were two reasons given by Dr. George Egely as to why there were no credible transmutations

    1. The carbon needs to be insulating.

    Comment: This makes sense, since there will not be a build up of electrons, in whatever form they take, in order to play a role in triggering the transmutation.

    2. The PSU is not optimal, he had a much better unit before with variable aspects key to ensure tuning to resonance which is not available to him, and by extension our testing, any more.

    Comment: We are working on a solution to this to remove this potential failure point.

  • sam
  • Bob Greenyer

    It was an unexpected bonus that Andrew took the time to write the report.

    The carbon used was taken from the carbon tested.

    Blind tests will be a good thing when we have seen repeatable, believable transmutations.

    For the long form testing, we will be laying out all materials, methods and procedures, hopefully in a new webspace that will allow easy cloning and reporting – even down to producing PDFs and export for steemit posts! All suggestions welcome.

  • Bob Greenyer

    As Dr Egely highlighted in his Asti presentation (extended for Suhas and on our YouTube) dusty fusion in liquid and gas phase is very old, not an invention of Mills, Mills may however have re-discovered it.

  • Bruce__H

    “Results of MFMP NOVA Testing Published — Inconclusive on Transmutation”

    Not an accurate title. If you read Andrew Johnson’s report and listen to what the investigators are saying this the result of this round of investigation is negative on transmutation. Not inconclusive, but negative.

    Of course this is only a preliminary step in a larger investigation, but why begin with inaccuracies?

    • Bob Greenyer

      Bruce__H is spot on. This first serious workout for the NOVA was to find out what apparatus and procedures worked and what didn’t so that it could be codified in preparation for the more thorough testing cycle. I learnt something that everyone can benefit from… don’t use paper as a “clean” surface. When you are dealing with these kinds of material and Carbon is a given, use disposable smooth polycarbonate plastic plates (as long as material has cooled) so that there is no risk of elemental additions. I had polycarbonate cups, spoons and spatulas but failed my own insight on using the paper.

      With evidently ill-advised modifications to the reactor (not requested by us) to make it better on camera and the oversight by Dr. Egely on the type of carbon needed, there was nothing seen that stood up to much scrutiny. This is the facts.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Hi Ewin,

    I will do a full review on the gamma/beta/alpha detector – it is really nice and was got on the advice of other MFMP directors who were unhappy with me hanging around ECCO fuel that happenned to be spilling out some form of emissions. MUCH better than the ones we used before. It has given me some piece of mind sitting in the office – of course, the detector is not designed to capture strange radiation.

    Much of the below was bought specifically for NOVA testing

    The constuction of the NOVA reactor, transport and accommodation / board, New bubble detectors, 384kHz ultrasonic mic (will do review), Microwave/EM field/Mag field detector (will do review), Hand held clamp on power meter, chemical reagents, macro lens, sample containers, handling equipment.

    Only with this support is this even remotely possible.

    By far the largest expense this year has been access to microscopes. However, I am working on an arrangement with another facility to massively bring that cost down, hopefully. Without access to microscopes and elemental analysis this work would be meaningless.

  • Bob Greenyer

    You are right on procedure.

    The mistake was when the ash was tapped out of the core onto paper – it should have gone onto a polycarbonate plate. This was my foolish error. Before we started looking for the source of the error, I had mentally concluded that it was calcium on the paper, and so it was. As an addition – I wanted to test the silicone bung to see what that had in it, now that is in the record, we know that if one is used, it can be a potential source of silicon in future, so careful records are critical to having credible findings.

  • Jas

    I really like the set up with the Nova Reactor. A lot less hassle than messing about with Dogbones. Good luck Bob and George!

    • Bob Greenyer

      Sure is a lot less hassle per run – however, the dog bones have yielded our most important findings to date.

      – Alumina becomes conductive above 1000ºC (of course, Nernst knew about this over 100 years ago)

      – Apparent low teens excess heat (but nothing too conclusive or that could be considered commercially viable)

      – “signal” that looked like a beta-burst and had the same effects (stopping power monitor / saturating scintillator and energy output spectrum) as those described by Kenneth Shoulders when a charge cluster breaks up.
      – Thermal neutrons

      and ‘bang’ of course, that was a visceral demonstration of the risks involved and showed how the structure of the SEMs in Lugano report SEMs were formed.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Just to be clear, this was a preliminary, end to end test trial.

    Wed: apparatus set up in evening.
    Thur: Testing in morning / early afternoon, late afternoon SEM/EDX testing of samples at university. Evening, considering results.
    Fri: Further analysis to look for sources of contamination.

    • Charlie tapp

      I would like to see some catalytic converter pieces crushed up,soaked in hydrogen peroxide until buubleing stops for loading of hydrogen,then flash heated for drying so the pores swell up keeping hydrogen in the microcavitys then ran for a while in the nove. I don’t know if you are takeing requests for nova or not but it would be fun to try some crowd inspired ideas I think. Also just for the heck of it set up a home stereo speaker in front of it and run one of the tone generator apps for adjusting a sound system they have quite a few different frequencies to play with might be interesting.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Well, we need to see verification of the basic claims first, after that – there will be room to consider crowd suggestions!

  • Bob Greenyer
  • sam
    • Bob Greenyer

      On experiments previously done.

      “You can see a pile of them here”

      Interesting that they list Nb as No 2 that they have observed, since this was produced in ECCO fuel processor.

      At least they are starting to understand the process.

      • suhas R

        I am happy that more confirmation from some other experimenters Indicating Ecco Fuel Processor ,Suhas Ralkar, Rubiitpower do Exist Promise that Time will prove the rest of the Claims & results.Good luck with Nova transmutations Results

        • Bob Greenyer

          Thanks Suhas,

          If you saw my Asti presentation, you will also note that Tom Claytor of LANL came up to me afterwards and told me that they have observed similar transmutations in their groups work.

          You will also note that in this video, there is some other things that they appear to understand – which is consistent with my own understanding.

          Nature only works in one way given a set of conditions.

          • suhas R

            thanks Bob

    • georgehants

      Bob, please to save me reading all of the reports could you just say if they are in anyway confirming Transmutation.
      Thank you.

      • Bob Greenyer

        The person speaking is the one that did derivative/similar work to Vladimir Vysotski / Alla Kornilova

        They are looking at other techniques, which means they probably know by now that Bio-reactors cannot deliver all of the outcomes that one might want.

        They are looking to raise social capital in a way that we have been considering for the past six months (via ICO), I even registered a domain for the ICO, though their approach would not appear to be focussed on ensuring the knowledge is made public.

        Given what I understand about the process and have started to progressively lay out, I think they are on the right track conceptually, based on things actually said in this video.

        As I can find time, I will make things very clear, how to target specific elements, why radioactive elements do not get readily produced and why one does, why some things are more easily produced and why one specifically does, pathways, correlations to nature, how natural resources can help, correlations to well known data from other areas and not well known data from seemingly unrelated things.

        • georgehants

          Many thanks for update, good luck to them, but if their work is not completely open and published freely for others to follow, no donation from us.

          • Bob Greenyer

            It takes a lot of work to make things open. We shall see, but since their announcement in Switzerland, this has happened, they had a patent application which was not clear, they are asking for the same thing – money to set up and run a big expensively equipped lab – however, they have added that they are looking at other approaches to achieve their aims.

            They are quoting prominent scientists (like Parkhomov and Bazhutov) that are not on their board and who are actually advocating for an open approach.

        • Jas

          Do you think that the Swiss half of this organisation has any link to the crooks that stole George’s lab?

          • Bob Greenyer

            Firstly, can anyone make a judgment with only one side of the story?

            Secondly, no, but maybe, however, unlikely.

          • Jas

            I agree. It is unlikely but It was worth asking. Interesting to postulate what the motive was for the ransackng of his lab. Was it to bury the technology, sell it to the highest bidder?

          • Bob Greenyer

            One could safely conclude that there was at least a difference in opinion on the future direction for the research.

  • Bob Greenyer

    “Conductometer” has been made (pending electrodes)

    A number of simple standardised devices have been made to test different candidate carbon powders for running in the NOVA reactor.

  • Bob Greenyer

    er…. no

  • Bob Greenyer
    • Bruce__H

      THAT … is just incredibly cool!