Unified Gravity Corporation Inviting Replicators to Peer-Review Hydrogen-Lithium Fusion Process

Unified Gravity Corporation is a Morgan Hill, California company that claims a method of creating energy through a proton-lithium fusion method using hydrogen and nickel as fuel, for which they have applied for a US patent.

UGC’s stated mission “replace hydrocarbon-based energy with affordable, clean and safe fusion energy all around the world”

I haven’t visited their website for a while — http://www.unifiedgravity.com/ — and now I have found that they state they are “open for peer review” and are in a position to help researchers replicate their process.

Here’s the relevant section from their site:

We are fully aware our work cannot be explained by the current state of mainstream physics. Despite this, we were able to reproduce positive results in labs at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette and the University of North Texas with further experiments at our Morgan Hill laboratory. Because our fusion technology is patent pending, we are open for peer-review of our experimental tests. We encourage universities, institutions, and companies to explore and reproduce our results as we believe our technology holds the key to unlocking a paradigm shift in the way we create energy.

We are happy to setup meetings with those who are serious about replication assistance of our fusion process.

So for groups or individuals interested in verifying LENR, this invitation could be another opportunity to do so.