Rossi: Sigma 5 Has Been Achieved

Today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics Andrea Rossi made this announcement:

Andrea Rossi
November 11, 2017 at 7:00 AM
We reached Sigma 5.
Now preparing for the demo.
Warm Regards,

This has been an important goal for Rossi for around a year now, and something he has been extremely focused on, although he has been somewhat vague regarding exactly how he has been measuring it. He says it is determination of the reliability of the E-Cat QX, and from some of his comments it has been important not only to him, but to an outside partner.

This an excerpt from an article that discusses 5 sigma in connection with the Higgs boson

For some fields of science, however, 2-sigma isn’t enough, nor 3 or 4-sigma for that matter. In particle physics, for instance, scientists work with million or even billions of data points, each corresponding to a high energy proton collision. In 2012, CERN researchers reported the discovery of the Higgs boson and press releases tossed the term 5-sigma around. Five-sigma corresponds to a p-value, or probability, of 3×10-7, or about 1 in 3.5 million. This is where you need to put your thinking caps on because 5-sigma doesn’t mean there’s a 1 in 3.5 million chance that the Higgs boson is real or not. Rather, it means that if the Higgs boson doesn’t exist (the null hypothesis) there’s only a 1 in 3.5 million chance the CERN data is at least as extreme as what they observed.

So Rossi and his team have set the bar very high, and are apparently satisfied with the result. Now on to the demo!

  • Bob Greenyer

    Well done! And not a moment too soon!

    • Monty

      Still we don’t really know what that means isn’t it?

      • Bob Greenyer


      • Anon2012_2014

        Does 5 sigma mean proof with only 1e-6 probability of being wrong but at the milliwatt level? No one knows what it means.

  • Gerard McEk

    Congratulations Andrea!
    In a comment on my question he said that the test is prepared and ready to go, so he has a few weeks off now. 😉

  • Alan DeAngelis
  • Leo Kaas

    First they ignore you… Then they laugh and fight against you… Then you win. I knew you could do it. Congratulations for your brilliant victory Dr. Rossi! Now on to the Demo.

  • Ophelia Rump

    Ok so does that mean that Dottore Rossi has a working prototype of a commercial ready device?

    If it does then this is service pre-commitment demonstration.

    • gdaigle

      Possibly. Rossi said today in reply to Francoise Toussaint, “… to be a product we must be able to produce it massively. It will not enter the market until we are competitive against the reverse engineering efforts.” So it appears that additional changes must be made to prevent reverse engineering.

      • artefact

        I think he means to produce them in so high quantities with a low price that it is not worth to reverse engineer it. (like he said in the past)
        But with such a big market I wonder how that should be possible.

        • Andreas Moraitis

          True. Anyway, the cake is so huge that neither party would be able to eat it up alone.

          • Omega Z

            “the cake is so huge”
            Correct. And I doubt Rossi believes there will be no competitors. I’ve always thought that he means short term giving him an advantage to gain a large portion of market share. I can’t see Rossi being foolish enough to think there will not be competitors within a few short years. Besides, No Government would allow a total monopoly for very long. Regardless how cheap he makes it available.

      • Ophelia Rump

        You are thinking outside his stated intentions.

        The initial market entry will not sell units. It will sell the energy and keep the units under tight supervision.
        With 1,000 percent return on energy input, 10 million in operating capital this year can easily become 900 million in operating capital next year and on. . .

        As long as the goose can lay the golden eggs they could be netting billions and then trillions per year in a few years.

        The problem with that plan is greed, once they have a choke hold on the market, what corporation or private industry would ever ease their grip willingly? They would surely win capitalism.

  • Dr. Mike

    It is really great that Rossi has finally reached his “5 sigma” reliability goal. It would be interesting to find out what device parameters Rossi was measuring to establish that a “5 sigma” reliability had been achieved. Will it be possible to achieve the same reliability on devices that are manufactured on an automated line? How long will it take to verify the reliability of devices manufactured on the automated line?

    • DrD

      Couldn’t agree more.

      • Dr. Mike

        It seems that his “5 sigma” reliability was something he agreed to demonstrate for a partner. That fact that he met this agreed upon criteria would have to be considered progress.

    • wizkid

      Rossi was concerned about the same thing when he initiated testing the quality of “prototypes”. The Sigma 5 testing was stated to be related to the quality of experimental prototypes … New prototypes should benefit from this, making the manufacturing of different version of Quarks as reliable as the tested prototypes…

      • wizkid

        Svein Henrik
        October 25, 2016 at 11:55 AM

        Dear Andrea.
        It seems that the power of the QuarkX easily Was reduced from 100W
        to 20W.
        1) How was this done?
        2) May you easily change the power between 100 and 20W?
        3) May a 1MW heatplant of 50 000 QuarkX each with a power of 25W, be
        run with a output of 1MW?
        4) With 20% “dead” QuarkXs, will the plant still be able to produce
        5) If yes, is 5 Sigma for the plant, then maintained?
        By the way, You are not in haste. Use the time needed for a “5 Sigma
        Regards: Svein Henrik

        Andrea Rossi
        October 25, 2016 at 2:52 PM

        Svein Henrik:
        1- making it smaller
        2- see 1
        3- a 1 MW rated plant composed by 50,000 modules with a rating of 25
        W each can generate an energy of 1 MWh/h
        4- yes
        5- the Sigma 5 issue is related to experimental prototypes.
        Warm Regards,

      • Dr. Mike

        Without a doubt Rossi could not move forward until he achieved reliability (by whatever measure he was using) in his prototype QX devices. Also, the knowledge gained in establishing the reliability of the QX prototypes will be very useful moving forward. However, I don’t think most people realize the scope of the task that remains to demonstrate reliability in devices made in a automated production line and the amount of time it might take to accomplish this task.

        • Omega Z

          “I don’t think most people realize the scope of the task that remains to demonstrate reliability in devices made in a automated production line”

          Just ask Elon Musk. He has major problems with production in the Giga plant. And that was developed in partnership with Panasonic and their expertise.

    • roseland67

      Dr. Mike,

      I must have missed the “reliability goal” part of the 5 sigma description.
      Did Rossi actually say that or is that your interpretation?

      • Frank Acland

        Yes, he said it:

        November 3, 2017 at 9:43 AM
        Hello Mr. Rossi
        since quite a while there are posts in your blog which ask about sigma 5 – now you say ‘almost there’.
        What exactly does sigma 5 mean in the context of Ecat ? Is it some reliability measure ? Or some performance ? Of what?
        Just want to be sure that you and the audience mean the same thing – exactly the same thing.
        Please explain

        Andrea Rossi
        November 3, 2017 at 2:08 PM
        Warm Regards,

  • Paul Smith

    Well, the “old” 1MW plant wasn’t ready to be a commercial product, but it seems now that The Quark X is ready to be produced and sold!!
    But before he must find partners for producing them in a very very large quantity fo reduce the single cost.
    And this isn’t easy. But Rossi is a stubborn and tough man

    • Gerard McEk

      It is believed that ABB might be his new partner and that they demanded this 5 sigma test before they would jump in. Let us hope wait and see. It would be interesting to see if some of this company are present. That’s a task for ECW and others of ‘our LENR interest group’ present to find out.

      • Andreas Moraitis

        At least, the „Sigma 5“ mark looks like a requirement made by a professional industrial partner/customer – difficult to imagine that it was AR’s own idea.

      • roseland67

        Believed by who?

        • Gerard McEk

          It has been discussed a wile ago here on ECW. I think that ABB was assumed as the most likely candidate.

          • roseland67

            Do YOU believe that ABB is somehow involved in this, and that they demanded 5 Sigma,
            (Whatever that is).

          • Gerard McEk

            I do think that there is a fair chance that ABB is involved, because AR has a good working relationship with them.

  • sam

    The Long Road To SIGMA 5

  • HS61AF91

    On this day of memory and this day of frivolity what can be more appropriate than the achievement of a sustainable means of humanity’s salvation. For those in the Great War who made the ultimate sacrifice, for those who laugh and play prior to Ash Wednesday, let us greet them all, and with the advent of a Sigma 5, be grateful and contrite. 11.11.17 will lodge firmly in history.

    • sam

      Well Said.

  • Omega Z

    “He once promised end of public demos after the Lugano fiasco”

    Lugano was not a demo. It was a test done by others who released a portion of the info. Rossi hasn’t done a demo since late 2012 and even that was at the prodding of Focardi. Which is why this demo is interesting. It will be the 1st public demo he has done that appears to be of his own volition.

  • Steve D

    If I recall correctly three quarks were subject to the 5 sigma test. Assuming the same units ran for, or were otherwise used over the full test period, I wonder if it is the same three that will demonstrated now that they have Rossi’s confidence? However, I expect by now that Rossi will have many to choose from. Ie Why three again?

  • Ivan Samec

    Exactly, and more …

  • Gerard McEk

    Mystery words of Andrea:
    Andrea Rossi
    November 12, 2017 at 7:25 AM
    Steven N. Karels:
    Our product will have to confront with strong hostility from some center of power, therefore we must be very careful. We are not going to introduce a new kind of trolley…
    Warm Regards,
    Wat is the center of power and what’s the trolley?

    • 1 – Existing energy industry (fossil and otherwise) and their politicians, plus hot fusion researchers… is my guess
      2 – Just means that what they are introducing is highly significant… unlike a new trolley design, for example

      • Toussaint françois

        It is the first time Rossi says that, he used to say all products must be integrated, this is unusual.

        • Gerard McEk

          Exactly, that is what I was thinking with regards to the first issue.

          • artefact

            Years ago he said on JONP something like that it is clear that the e-cat is better then the existing energy sources but he has to say it to not make them enemys too soon. It was after a while when he started using the the “integrated” term and no one understood why the e-cat should be integrated when it is much better.

          • Axil Axil

            Rossi does not what his system killed off by competitive energy industry slander campaigns.

        • Omega Z

          Rossi is right. All products will initially be integrated. Somewhere on JONP. Rossi actually indicated “once” that LENR may eventually replace all Fossil energy. He is just being realistic that it will take a long while. It will be gradual and during that time, all energy sources will be integrated.

          LENR may eventually replace most or all Fossil energy needs, but it will be gradual and depend much on how easily LENR fits in if even practical. Even if LENR can replace most or all of current energy needs, the shear economic magnitude dictates that it will take decades.

      • Carl Wilson

        Trolley technology was replaced by ICE vehicles partly by trolley lines being bought up by ICE interests?

      • Gerard McEk

        The first is indeed what I had in mind.
        With regards to the trolley, I had no idea, thanks.

        • Omega Z

          Note “hot fusion researchers” are the real concern. They stand to lose Billion$) in funding and they are best situated to twist the narrative to “LENR isn’t Real”.
          Fossil sources will survive regardless as they will always have a purpose even should demand decline. Oil and Natural gas are used in over 6000 products not related to energy. Coal adds many more uses to that 6000.

          I’ll try to provide a scenario that explains what will happen.
          I make a product based on plant matter as a feed stock that can also be obtained from Oil. I use the plant matter as a feed stock because Oil is to expensive at $100 a barrel. However, If Oil becomes steadily available at $40 a barrel, I will change my manufacturing process to make use of the cheaper oil for my feed stock. This will apply across all fossil sources. It’s merely a matter of cost.

          • Bruce Williams

            Omega Z,your offer to provide a scenario is very interesting, if you can find the time , please do it..Thanks in advance.

        • Brent Buckner

          Maybe “trolley” is a reference to the “GM Trolley Conspiracy” (e.g. )

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Amoco (BP) replicated the F&P experiment in 1989. So, I think
      they have been anticipating this day. I think they’ll cut deals with Rossi.

      • Alan DeAngelis


        It’s the Ahabs from academia who will fight the E-Whale to the bitter end.

        • Pekka Janhunen

          Many associations. Maybe hot fusion is like what Ahab tried to do with the whale, while a successful CF person (AR?) is like a whale whisperer.

    • sam

      Mattias Andersson
      November 12, 2017 at 10:49 AM
      Dear Andrea,

      A tremendous victory reaching sigma 5 —
      a result of the perseverence of you and your team!

      I agree that this technology will probably meet some hostility — it’s a disruptive technology that will make a lot of impact on a global economic scale.

      Probably it’s a good idea to plan for any possible eventualities. There are some strong economic incentives to keep this new fire “in the dark”.

      Andrea Rossi
      November 12, 2017 at 2:13 PM
      Mattias Andersson:
      No dark if the product is enlightening.
      Warm Regards,

  • GiveADogABone
    Six Sigma (6σ) is a set of techniques and tools for process improvement.

    Experience has shown that processes usually do not perform as well in the long term as they do in the short term.[3] As a result, the number of sigmas that will fit between the process mean and the nearest specification limit may well drop over time …
    [ so Five Sigma (5σ) might be a reasonable target? ]

    • Andrew

      “6 sigma” is a common business model but mainly refers to returns due to defects. Or defects reaching the customers. This is mainly achieved through rigorous quality control, it doesn’t mean that the errors or defects don’t happen, just that the customers don’t see them.

      • GiveADogABone

        Which brings us to the Bathtub Curve …
        … and a timescale of about one year.
        Postulated early failures due to manufacturing defects or cycling and late failures due to fuel exhaustion?

        To claim 5-sigma (corresponds to a probability value of about 1 in 3.5 million) needs a large number of samples. Does this hint that a QX production line has churned out millions of QX?

        QX could also be switched on and off during the test. There are 365*24*60*60=31,536,000 seconds in a year.
        With a switching rate of every 10 seconds, 3.15 million samples would be obtained from one QX in a year.
        If it still worked after that test, that would be a positive test of the QX and it’s control box, including the starter. Plausible?

        • Omega Z

          You do not need to do 3.5 million tests. There is a process of subsets that can be calculated for the probability 1 in 3.5 million. If you think about it, it makes sense that such a process exists. Like- Only 1 in 3.5 million will break, but only 1 was ever produced. Same can be applied to 1 off events.

  • lrao

    I can help but notice that he always refers to “Sigma 5”, and not the accustomed 5-Sigma (which is what is well defined and commonly used in both academia, research and industry).

    These are the sort of things that make you go: huh??

    and make you ask: why?

    • Coltan Babott-Olson

      Not really. My guess: Language barrier… ‘I can help but notice’? .. Everyone makes mistakes.

    • sam

      Dear Dr. Rossi,

      Just to avoid misunderstandings, when you say “sigma 5”, you mean what is more commonly referred to as “5-sigma”?

      Thank you very much.


      Andrea Rossi
      November 13, 2017 at 10:56 AM
      Yes. As a matter of fact, you find it written in both ways.
      Warm Regards,

  • Omega Z

    Note that to Banks, money is just a commodity like any other subject to supply/demand. Banks, will reap hundreds of billion$ in profit from increased demand of that commodity as interest rates increase. While some profits may decline in 1 sector, they will increase(be offset) elsewhere.

    Example, Banks don’t care if you buy an ICE vehicle or an EV. Only that you are financing the vehicle. All things LENR will be financed. All things of consequence are financed even by major corporations.

    Contrary to the myth that Corporations have huge sums of cash, with very few exceptions, Nearly all of big business has trouble just maintaining daily cash flow to keep daily operations going. Many actually have to borrow money for that purpose or delay paying product vendors by 30 to 180 days. This delay is a form of borrowing(someone elses money) while avoiding interest charges.

  • sam

    Svein Henrik
    November 13, 2017 at 7:28 AM
    Dear Andrea.
    Congratulations for achieving Sigma 5. I am unsure what this compromise.
    Do it means that this super high security counts for:
    1. The observation of an anomalous heat is real?
    2. The COP of the heat is higher than 6?
    3. Or COP is higher than 50?
    4. The QX tested, will supply 20W continuously in a year?
    5. The QX do function totally at least in 8760 hours with an interrupted use?
    6. The QX will function in 10 years with 10% intermittent?
    7. A robotic production will be of the same quality or better?
    8. The possibility to control the units?
    9. No harmful radiation is present?
    10. No risk for run off or melt down?
    11. Or all the 10 above?
    I hope you may answer 11 and this is a result of all the different tests you have performed.
    Best wishes for the demo and a soon coming mass production as the world is full of “San Tommaso Apostolo”.
    Regards Svein Henrik.

    Andrea Rossi
    November 13, 2017 at 10:58 AM
    Svein Henrik:
    1- no
    2- 11
    Warm Regards,

    • Gerard McEk

      So this means that there is no anomalous heat, but 2-10 is right, agreed?
      If it is no anomalous heat, then Andrea is sure that he knows how it exactly works and he has a theory for it. It’s just ‘heat’ in his eyes.

    • artefact

      He changed the answer:

      “Andrea Rossi November 13, 2017 at 10:58 AM
      Svein Henrik:
      Warm Regards, A.R.”

      • Gerard McEk

        The original answer was more interesting…:(

        • artefact

          You got your wish I guess 🙂
          He changed it again ..

          • Eyedoc

            What ? Where ? He changed it back again ?? Are you sure ?

          • artefact

            Yes. now it is all except of 1.
            My post above now only shows the last answer, not the two steps in between.

  • Coltan Babott-Olson

    Cheers, well i’m glad you said it.

  • Albert D. Kallal

    I am sure he will sell exclusive licenses – but likely build the CORE product.
    Well, I think it more here Rossi is refer to what we call in the technology industry as a real estate grab.

    Facebook did not make money for years (they did not monetize the product – and this was by
    choice – so they beat out Friend-ster etc). So for a good number of years they really did not much if any revenue. Now it is several billion per qtr. Netflix is also doing the same thing. (They not making money yet – keeping the competition away).

    It kind of like the coffee shop boom. At first, if you can get your hands on the 4-5 premium
    locations downtown, then it REALLY hard for other coffee shops to move into
    that marketplace (how can you when all the REAL money making locations for coffee shops are now gone).
    Same with Facebook, and even a better example is the smartphone market. With Apple + Android sealing up that marketplace then despite Microsoft spending 8+ billion, they made NEAR ZERO gains into that smartphone marketplace. In fact while failing, they THEN purchased Nokia 100% outright to attempt a “buy in” to the marketplace – and they STILL failed!

    So Rossi likely talking more about the first mover advantage then JUST the fact of having a product at affordable cost to grab parts of the marketplace.

    And while Microsoft not made gains in the Smartphone market, and not really grabbed much from cloud services from say Google and amazon, they did enjoy the first mover advantage
    in the windows desktop. So we had what, free open office and free version of
    desktop system (and some really nice versions of Linux for the desktop exist
    now), both open office and free OS for the desktop have not made much in-roads
    to the desktop marketplace – and that is despite BOTH the open source free editions
    of office being rather nice, and same goes for the Linux based desktop

    So the first mover advantage, or that so called real estate grab applies to LENR.

    The fact that Microsoft changed their mind and eliminated the windows phone license STILL did not matter – even with billions they could not take on Android and apple – not matter
    what they did or tried.

    The same goes for LENR. HP enjoyed a HUGE boom in sales and revenue when they pushed hard in the ink jet marketplace. With the boom in digital cameras, and ink jet printers we saw that side of their business reach a WHOPPING 40% of their income. No
    question that Epson, Canon, and several more began to flood the market with ink
    jet printers, HP still enjoyed YEARS of buckets of money due to them being a
    first mover. So consumers had purchased significant numbers of HP ink jet
    printers, and thus at re-fill time, they enjoyed a great number of years of
    market advantage in the ink jet marketplace when they wanted MORE ink for their

    Of course the rise of social media combined with smartphone (and their built camera) in a VERY short time resulted in few needing to print their photos to share them. So consumers
    don’t have to carry around digital cameras, and they don’t often have to print
    their pictures to share them. So that consumer ink jet market took a turn for
    the worse. Now a typical mom carries their baby photos in their smartphone to show
    off their 2 year olds birthday pictures.

    So when you purchase your beast master 2000 LENR barbeque, the “toner” like cartridge you buy at Wallymart or from Home Depot will be a LENR cartridge that fits into
    your beast master barbeque (or your water heater, or your clothes dryer, or your
    furnace). So be it your plug in ink jet cartridge, or the LENR cartridge for
    your barbeque, whoever moves first can enjoy years of marketplace advantage,
    EVEN if lower cost and other manufactures jump in with competing products.

    So that LENR cartridge for your Barbeque will be a Rossi one.

    Of course the above really can’t work unless you can offer a product first, and also get early
    adopters faster than everyone else – so your better have your manufacturing AT
    A PRICE point that really beats up the competition. At such costs, then
    consumers not bothering to pick other products – especially if they are not yet

    As for licensing Rossi’s product? Well, from what I can see, after the first step of selling the
    heat (and not the device) then that next step of hooking up with water heater
    makers, clothing dryer makers, barbeque makers, oven makers etc., then ONCE
    this occurs, then new entries into the marketplace will have to muscle their
    way into this market – and as Microsoft found out, when consumers ALREADY have
    apple or android phone (or that is why they are buying), then a huge challenge
    to get such consumers to switch is a challenge indeed.

    I mean, if you purchased a Lennox water heater that runs on Rossi LENR plug in cartridges that you replace once a year, then even if another water heater company comes out with a competing product, you not likely going to change. Same goes for your LENR powered
    clothes dryer, or LENR powered furnace. Lennox as a furnace maker really don’t care a lot, as long as they can sell furnaces.
    However, like companies that built ink jet printers –
    they likely to only work with their own cartridges, and worse in most cases
    exclusive deals are signed. So a chain selling speedboats will often sign an
    exclusive deal to only sell Mercury outboard motors, we likely see lots of deals
    like this for LENR.

    So EVEN after the competition starts to heat up, it really become a question of how many deals and suppliers you hooked up with. And after that first mover advantage, then other similar priced products does NOT necessary open up the market.

    Microsoft can’t give away windows phones right now – the price is not the issue – the first
    mover advantage of Android and Apple is the issue – and this issue applies to
    coffee shops, or phones or a lot of products. It likely will apply to LENR.

    Albert D. Kallal
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  • US_Citizen71

    Rossi moderates the postings. The questions do not appear until he allows them to. He is keeping different hours. I’ve posted there before and my question appeared at the same time as the answer.

  • Omega Z

    Andrea Rossi
    November 13, 2017 at 10:55 AM

    Gian Luca and All Readers:
    The streaming of the demonstration of the E-Cat QX will start around noon (12 P.M.) of November 24th, Miami time.
    It will be available on
    Warm Regards,

    • Vinney

      This presents an opportunity to run a Q and A ( with at least 3 additional audio channels, and message board) here at E-catworld on top of the live feed (albeit delayed by a few seconds)
      Who can we interview that attended.

      • tlp

        Alan Smith is attending, but he is going to be at the afterdemo dinner about that time when the streaming is going, somewhere in Sweden, probably in Stockholm or Uppsala.

      • Vinney

        Or better still, create and subscribe to a free YouTube channel, all the bandwidth and tools you need in one place for free.

  • Pekka Janhunen

    Not quite sure but I think 5-6 years ago Rossi was still in Italy.

    • Bruce__H

      You are correct.

      Malcolm Lear posted an analysis of 35,000 posts made on JONP between March 2010 and Feb 2017. The time stamps (which I think are in US Eastern Time) on those posts show various patterns but there are 2 basic one that we could call pattern A and pattern B. From 2011 to the end of 2013, when Rossi was in Europe, most posts were time-stamped between 2AM and 6PM. This is pattern A . Part way way through 2013, when Rossi moved to the US to collaborate with IH, the pattern shifts and posts continue at a diminished rate mainly between 7AM and 9PM (pattern B). In Early 2014 pattern A first patter reasserts itself for a couple of months. This coincides with the time that Rossi traveled to Europe to work with the Swedish professors on what became the Lugano experiment. Then we are back to pattern A right up to 2017. Rossi is in the US in this final stage. A time that includes the Doral test. It is particularly during the time of the Doral test (beginning of 2015 to early 2016, that posts stamped between 10PM and 6AM practically disappear.

      One possible interpretation of all this is that most of the posts on JONP are written by Rossi himself and are thus posted while he is awake in whatever time zone he finds himself. That explains why the hours that most JONP posts are stamped follow Rossi around the world. When Mr Rossi is in Europe they follow a European sleep-wake cycle and when Rossi is in the US they follow a US sleep-wake cycle. I welcome other interpretations

      Malcolm Lear posted these data on the LENR Forum on March 21 2017.

  • Gerard McEk

    We are back to my first assumption, see below.

    • artefact

      On JONP:

      “Andrea Rossi November 13, 2017 at 5:57 PM
      Svein Henrik:
      We will present the status of our theoretical research. Much study remains to be done, though.”

  • artefact

    If 3 is true then 2 is also true.

  • Pekka Janhunen

    When I write a posting, the system tells that the message is awaiting moderation. Then at some point (presumably the next time Rossi does moderation) the moderation message disappears and the posting emerges to public, unless he rejected it. Sometimes he writes answers immediately, but indeed often nowadays, as you had noticed, he accepts a bunch of messages and writes the replies in another session some hours later. Which makes sense from the point of view that subconscious works with the messages meanwhile.

    • US_Citizen71

      The tinfoil hat is strong in this one he sees conspiracies and malfeasance everywhere he goes. Or he is a paid troll. I believe little of what our dear Bruce writes.

  • Rene

    Most posting sites can be set up either way: retain the original post timestamp or change the stamp to moderation approval. The best to verify which method JONP uses is to test it yourself.

    • US_Citizen71

      There can also be changes to which method is used when software updates. Some SAS systems use local cookies to remember preference. If the cookies are deleted or you So I am not sure you conclusive. It could also be Rossi edits the questions, removes things he doesn’t want to talk about. Or simply he removes foreign languages other than Italian.

    • Bruce__H

      Interesting suggestion. I’ll have to think about the ethics of the thing.

      How does one submit a post? Do you know?

  • Omega Z

    On some web sites, I find I posted 2 hours earlier and on others several hours later. The reason depends on the location(time zone) of the server and may depend on how the settings are on the server. You can’t tell nothing about posted time stamps.

    On your speculation of Rossi posting to himself.
    Sometime ago on another blog, many skeptics were discussing this. Turned out the posts they credited to a Rossi alter ego had been posted by some in the group. They had simply spoofed themselves.

    If Rossi wishes to disclose something, he can simply post it as himself. This nonsense that he posts things as an alter ego is just that. Nonsense…

    • Bruce__H

      Where could I find the discussion you mention. It sounds interesting. Can you point me to it?

      • Omega Z

        I think 1 of the discussions was on Mats Lewan Ny teknik comments section and another was an accidental click to a forum. I don’t have a link to either. I seldom tab such links anymore because in the past I had so many I would have needed a 2nd computer to catalog and keep track of them.

  • artefact

    On JONP:

    “Andrea Rossi November 14, 2017 at 12:52 PM
    Warm Regards, A.R.”

  • artefact

    If you want something to wonder: Try google search e-catworld or rossi e-catworld
    Its all gone.. 🙁

    • Vinney

      What are talking about, its still there.
      I just can’t believe that all 70 attendees are going to be at the after-demo dinner whilst the world-wide public streaming of the demo takes place.
      I would have expected several to take the grand stage and be the voice that will be remembered in history, breaking the finer details of the demo and commenting on the expectations and atmosphere of the event. At the moment its sounding like the live streamed event of Defkalion demo.
      And let’s face it, very few are going to be Rossi insider’s (his is a close-knit and small team) no matter how long or often you dine with him.

      • artefact

        I talk of google search results for e-catworld. E-catworld seems to be out of googles index or at least ranked way worse than before.

      • sam

        Alan Smith is Moderator on LENR Forum.

        Shane D asked Alan this today.

        Is anything else going on at the DPS other than 70 people staring at a small fluid filled box?

        Alan replied to Shane D

        More than you could possibly imagine. Tell you afterwards.

  • TomR

    Thanks John, good read.

  • MasterBlaster7

    Great….so production next.